Just a place where you can receive opinions on your demos. Whether you are new at this or an old veteran. Please be respectful. Honest is perfectly fine, just be respectful.
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Come on in, don't be shy. Post a demo and leave some feedback for others.

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  • Hey all. Just wanted to chime in here. If oyu have a demo that you would like critique on, post it above in the "Discussion Forum". It is much more convenient than having a bunch of us bounce around to websites and profiles. Thanks all for the understanding.
  • Hey everyone. New to this site. Some body please hit my page and critique me. Need that honest opinion.
  • I always welcome critiques and sometimes learn from them...Steve
  • Hello All, I'm also new and looking for brutal criticism! Please don't pull any punches!

    Cheers, JiimJim combo demo 1 minute.mp3
  • 01-CommercialDemo.mp3I'm a newbie also and I would like to hear some feedback about my demo. Thanks!!
  • I figure with (to date) 111 members in this group, someone would look in the discussions and critique my trailer demo. Hopefully I can get some opinions from some of you who have done trailers in Los Angeles and New York. ALL opinions are welcome!!
  • Hello,

    I, too, am a newbie and would welcome any and all feedback. This is my first demo...please be honest! ;)



    Kim Byrd
  • Hello group. Being quite new, I would welcome any and all observations and imput on my initial commercial demo.
    Thanks and my best to you all.........................lee
  • Hey all, just uploaded my Commercial Demo. It was produced by a long standing commercial guru so I'm very comfortable with it. That being said, thoughts, opinions, critiques, praises all welcome. Thanks in advance for your honest responses...
  • I just uploaded my new demos both commercail and narrative. Would love some honest feedback on these, please. Thank You!!

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