Just a place where you can receive opinions on your demos. Whether you are new at this or an old veteran. Please be respectful. Honest is perfectly fine, just be respectful.
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Come on in, don't be shy. Post a demo and leave some feedback for others.

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  • Welcome. This is a great place to learn and get feedback
  • Hey Everybody!!!! I'm glad to join the group, please feel free to check out page and offer as much constructive criticism as possible. Thanks alot.

  • Driscoll, Dude. You are a legend. How can you critique a legend?
  • Happy to be here and equally as happy to receive any opinions on my demos. Thanks all.
  • Hello all, looking for some constructive criticism please...my skin is tough...so go for it...LOL. Thank you in advance
  • I'd appreciate some feedback on my demo and/or any of the spots I have uploaded...thanks!
  • I've just completed my latest commercial demo. I would appreciate your comments. Thanks
  • Hello to all members of Demo Critique. I'm new to VU and would like to get feedback on my demo. Thanks.
  • Hey,
    This is a great site! Only been in v/o a relatively short time ( 6 years) but have a passion for the industry, especially in the area of trailers and promos. My demo is on my page and any critiques are welcome. Just booked the announcer v/o for the "Larry The Cable Guys Christmas Extravaganza". It'all air on cable in November.
    Philip Gibbons
  • I'm a 30 year veteran in radio with a sprinkling of television experience. I also have a musical background as a singer, writer and producer. I've posted several pieces of my work for your edification. Please let me know what you think.
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