Just a place where you can receive opinions on your demos. Whether you are new at this or an old veteran. Please be respectful. Honest is perfectly fine, just be respectful.
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Come on in, don't be shy. Post a demo and leave some feedback for others.

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  • I am new to VU and would really love some feedback on my demos. Thank you.
  • I welcome critiques of my demos. Especially the commercial demo... I know that I need to get "the radio sound" out of my delivery.

    Thank you in advance

  • Hi Voicies! I've just edited my commercial demo down to :60. I'd love your feedback.

    Thanks- Jean
  • Hi Eric, perhaps you would be good enough to expose your "lug'oles" to my demos. As is the custom with this sector of the VOU site, I would value your honest and damning opinion. thanks, Mark
  • Michael and Jerry, Welcome guys. Great to have you here. You can definitely get some constructive feedback on your demos here. If you wouldn't mind, please start a discussion forum above, so it can be focused solely on you, and doesn't clutter the message section.
  • This is JUST what I need. I'm not satisfied with the amount of work I've been getting and would like your honest opinions/critiques of the demos on my page (I'll soon be adding more) and what I should or should not be doing with my voice. Thanks in advance.
  • Hello Everyone...

    Okay, so like the signs says I am here to get your honest, industry professional opinions of my current demos (which can be found on my personal page here at VU). Pick whichever ones you fancy.

    I put these together to hopeful show my range up and down the spectrum. I am not sure quite yet what would be considered my "Golden Voice" and I am hoping you will help me with that. (I mean I know what I wish would be my "bread and butter" voice, but that doesn't make it true...lol).

    Thank you very much for taking a moment to give me your opinions, and appreciate Eric starting this great group.

    Talk Soon,
  • Well, folks, after plenty of feedback, I have revised my demo, for what I hope will be the last time. Honest, straight forward feedback is appreciated.
  • Go ahead and post it. The original idea was for demos, but if it is piece you need critique on, go for it.
  • Q...Does it need to be a demo, how about just a spot or something I'm working on? It's nice to get feedback, I for one enjoy corrective criticism.
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