Just a place where you can receive opinions on your demos. Whether you are new at this or an old veteran. Please be respectful. Honest is perfectly fine, just be respectful.
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Come on in, don't be shy. Post a demo and leave some feedback for others.

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  • Thanks for the add. VU is awesome!
  • Fabulous idea! I am working on my official demo now & would love te imput.
  • Hello everyone,
    just joind the group, and I'm looking forword to participating.
  • Hey all,
    Great idea. I have a new animation demo that I am working on and really need to shorten it a little. Perhaps I will post it here and see what ou all think.
  • First of all ... I think that you have an awesome voice. Being a relative newbie ...I don't feel that I am qualified to do any critiquing. I would how ever, like to thank you very much for starting this forum. You already have Rick Party chiming in for the love of Pete! I hope to learn lots from reading the critiques and ...maybe ...one day soon ...I might get enough nerve to post one of my own demos. Thanks again ...and keep up the great work!
  • Thanks for the input folks. I haven't posted that demo on my website or anything. I just wanted to get some feedback. Now I can tweak it and make it rock.

    Let me add, if we are going to post demos(and I hope we get a bunch posted) let's open a discussion forum for each one and try to keep focused on the particular demos posted in each individual forum. Unlike I did :-)
  • with all these comments ...it was hidden on page two. thanks for the heads up! i would have never found it.
  • Tim,
    Look at the bottom of this page. See the link?
  • I am completely confused ....where is the demo? Are we supposed to go to your page? waz up? ...or am I just functionally retarded ...which is also very possible ....
  • Eric,

    This was a :60 sec demo, and I only counted 4 clips... not good. In :60 you should be able to squeeze in at least 10 clips of you best bits, and show contrasts out side of "the deep voice." I mostly do radio imaging and promos, and my clients personally like it a tad compressed, but for commercials I completely strip my mic chain of all compression. Compressed voice on "regular" commercials can keep your career at a stand still.

    Overall... You're an awesome talent w/ a serious voice.
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