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  • Hello everyone of Demo Critique. I produce demo's as well as coach VO and would love to give any input to curious VO actors, just send a message my way!

  • The commercial read is available on vu page.  Thanks
  • VU Family...Help me to decide which reads are more marketable.  The promo stuff or the commercial stuff.  Thanks for your time and consideration.  M.G.MYRON%20GIGGUA%20PRODUCTION%20DEMO.mp3
  • Hey Howard,

    I'm currently working on my character demo so I appreciate how hard it is to get the right material.  I really love your demo, you did a great job!

  • Howard tries again!  Stumblefingers rises to fight another day.  This, I trust, will be a working link to my new Mad Midsummer Medley aimed at cartoons, drama.


    All in-house, home studio, so candid feedback will be very welcome on any aspect.

  • Something wrong with my link. Sorry folks.  I will try later.  Howard.
  • Howard Ellison Comment by Howard Ellison just now Delete Comment

    Many pros say never make your own demo - well, I take a chance! 

    This 1:35 Mad Medley (today's addition to my seven at Voices.com) is aimed at cartoons, childrens drama.  All in-house, so your feedback on any aspect is very welcome.

    Be merciless - I do get booked, but need to learn!  It's here: http://www.voices.com/demo_detail/78479
  • hello everyone, i would like some feedback on my past work. it would be greatly appreciated! thanks
  • Hey guys and gals, I'm putting together a new demo for the new year to come and I was hopeing to get some feedback on what I've got so far...this demo is at :60 but I would like to stretch it to 1:30 to include some of my faves as well as a bit of veriety...give it a listen and let me know. thanks



  • Hello everyone,

    I could appreciate any constructive criticism you can offer on my demo.

    Many thanks in advance.

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