Time to get my group up and going again,  Join Deb's Voice Recipe for my "culinary" voice tips and tricks that I have cooked up with my over 20 years of experience in the Vo World :)  And of course, a few little surprises along the way.
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  • Nice to have you Pat 

    Thatta Boy David - absorb - there is SO MUCH free information on all the sites - it's fantastic.   Be a sponge then find your own style, get some guidance and you're off and running.

    Great to hear from you Stefan

    Nice to have you on the panel last weekend doug - thanks for tuning in

    All my best


  • I made it! Hey that is one great recipe below. Good luck with the group Deb.
  • Excellent Deb!!!  I can't learn enough about V.O.s these days!   You are awesome and I can't wait to here from you!!
  • What a wonderful poem my dear, we can almost hear the birds singing in the garden!

    My mother said you also need two spoons of baking powder. Or did she say talking louder? Can't remember really.

  • Nummy num num.  A delicious tasting from the hostess with the mostess.



  • Hello everyone - thank you so much for joining me.  It's about time I got my poop in a group and started connecting with everyone again.  Let's start today off with a recipe for success.  


    Here is the perfect Voice Recipe:

    In a mixer put together:
    Five parts passion

    Five parts research

    Ten parts business

    and a dash of technology to taste


    Mix generously with an incredible drive

    Add just enough training until you've reached the desired consistency


    Spice it up with some creative marketing and a ton of networking


    Put that all together and create the perfect demo

    Shove it in the Client - until they decide it's done!


    LOL - Couldn't resist the end line.  


    On a more serious side - I like to work in layers.  A little bit of this mixed with a little bit of that creates the ultimate package.  Voicing can be a ton of fun, but it's not easy...we need all the right ingredients and lets face it, this recipe can get expensive, so you just have to love it.


    I hope you enjoyed your first recipe - many more to come

    I hope to hear from each and every one of you

    All my best


  • I'm hungry , when do we eat :) Looking forward to learning new tricks.
  • Looking forward to it!!!
  • Deb,

    I'm so glad you started this group and I can't wait to hear your words of wisdom!!


  • Trick #1:

    The True Art of Voice Acting: To Sound Good when You Feel Bad

    Trick #2:

    Money Number One

    Trick #3:

    Always remember: what comes after USA?

     - USB!


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