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  • Dan Harder,

    Thanks for encouragement to stand for our faith and sharing story of how you did. God will honor us if we honor Him!

  • Dan, nice website.  Good demos.  Quick loading. Congratulations. 

  • Congratulations, Frank! Way to go!

  • Frank Scales Creative chosen as Writer/Producer for 20 The Countdown Magazine with Jon Rivers beginning in March 2012. Praise God for His Favor and thank you for your prayers in this new venture for us.

  • Hey Christians,

    Can I encourage you to stand for your faith?

    In June of 2011, I was contacted to do a movie trailer for a Direct to DVD release of "The Warrior Twins".  See it here.

    Then later in 2011, from the same client, I was asked to do a trailer that openly mocked Christianity.  I had to decline - knowing full well that I may never hear from that client again.  A risk I was willing to take to honor my Savior.

    Well, just a moment ago, I was invited to voice another trailer for the same client.  This event has strengthened me to be who I am in Christ, unapologetically.  

    You can do the same.

    Be a blessing to someone today.

  • Hey Dan!

    The Site Looks Great!!! Everything loads quick and easy ...Nice....Very Nice!

  • Hey Wayne, 

    wish I had the time and skill to do it my self.  Actually, I had a designer from NY/NJ area do it for me.  Izzy, from www.izzystudios.com is the guy.  He's actually done a bit of VO too, but his heart is in web design.

  • Dan, Your new site is terrific! Clean, demos right on the landing page. Nicely done. Did you do it yourself?

  • Very excited at the launch and response to my new website. If you have a moment, go to www.vo4u.com and let me know what you think!

  • Praying for you

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