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  • Good Morning (here) All,

    I feel a little silly even asking this - I'm buried in VO work, but I'm quite stressed with the present job.  It's a series of 71 very short scripts, but each script is peppered with numerous French and German words.  The client has provided a pronunciation guide for some of the words, but others I need to research.

    I'd appreciate your prayers for me as I plow through this project - that needs to be completed by Sunday.

  • thanks dan for every thing

  • Hey all,

    I had a reminder that we, as Christian voice talent, can be ministers in the marketplace.  

    This last Monday I had a client email me a script which I recorded and sent via YouSendIt.  After seeing that he had not downloaded the script by Friday, I dropped him a line to see if there was any way I could help with the project.


    He emailed me back and indicated that it had been a rough week - that he's going through a "nasty" divorce, but that he would be working on it over the weekend.


    I replied that I would be praying for his situation.


    He replied that he was grateful for my concern.


    As believers we are to be salt and light.  Go... Be Jesus to someone.



  • They're the "touch tones".  Many times, if the IT department of a company doesn't directly upload a file to the phone system, the announcement is read through the handset and the function of "record" to a particular location is controlled by pressing the buttons on a phone.  Those button presses, which are audio, can be generated by audio editors.  If not generated by, if you have audio of the "touch tones" you can edit the commands (eg press 34555 to enter the record mode. In your editor, just insert the DTMF files in the proper order and drive without error the proper location.  I did a phone tree for a pharmacy a few years back, and I was able to almost automate the process.


    Here's an example of DTMF or Touch tones.  1234.mp3 


    And a link to more information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual-tone_multi-frequency


    Keep plugging.



  • Thanks ya all, so what is DTMF? I see i have much to learn :)


  • Wow!  Hi Victoria...

    Yes. The "official" observance is done, but folks with PF still have it and we'd like to help others get an early diagnosis.  Feel free to forward/share the link/audio with everyone.


    Great news about your pending breakthrough.  Keep working hard.  For most of us success didn't happen overnight.  It takes persistence and getting up again and again when you don't win the audition.


    As for your getting phone system files to a client, don't discount holding the phone up to your speaker.  If you have a quiet space, I've seen used that method with good success.  You can even program in the DTMF (touch tones) codes into your files ahead of time so that each file can control the system and playback the audio.  Many editors have DTMF generation included, but I'd be happy to send you 0-9, * and # if yours doesn't.  Then you can just insert the appropriate "command string" at the head and tail of each audio file and automate the process.

    God Bless 


  • Victoria, on phone audio back to the client, two ways, either their I.T. department can load the finished files, or they or you can play them in real time from a phone patch into their system.  Usually the first method is preferred for max quality.  Or - even a third, old-school last resort. Do the VO into the phone.  Hope that helps!


  • Hi Dan, I just read your post, it is way past sept 30th did you still want your file shared. let me know thanks
  • Thanks Frank, a good word for the Day. Amen

    I am expecting breakthrough,

    I have a question totally unrealed though, If you do phone messaging, and you record it in your studio, how do you get it to their phone ?  I know that sounds like a silly question but... I am still new and still learning. thanks ya all for your help

    God be with you and direct your foot steps today

  • Wanted to update a post from earlier this year, and thank this forum for your prayers. Still haven't found full-time employment yet, but thanking God for the road he's allowed me to travel. It's been life-changing, humbling, hard, (insert any emotion here), but more than anything, it's His way of getting me to where He wants.  If you're experiencing some of the same...don't lose hope. God's got it.


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