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  • Hi Everyone, I would very much like to join your group and would welcome any advice on starting out in VO's.
  • Hey everybody, no I did not fall off the planet, just lots of stuff came up.  Anyway, I wanted you to know I now have a demo on my page. If you want to listen go ahead.   Hope everything is going well.  Blessings:)  Christine Ivy
  • Greetings fellow VO's!!!!!

    Markham here in Detroit by way of Houston, Texas!

    In industry for over 15 years but got a little sidetracked with raising my little boy alone who is autistic. Now have a fantastic new family to help out. God has put me where He wants me.....and I couldn't be HAPPIER. Just getting back into marketing myself, so welcome any advice for the New Year!

    Thanks guys and girls!

    -Markham Anderson

  • David,

    I loved your 3-legged stool, so simple, and so true! Here's wishing you great success in 2011 and beyond for your new advertising business. Your website is refreshingly different and fun to navigate.

  • Happy New Year

    I don't know about you but I don't look back much...I try to look forward and see what might be ahead. What opportunities are out there that I haven't seen yet? Will I be ready when they present themselves?


    One way I do that is to remind myself of my 3-legged stool. John Florian was generous enough to post one of my blogs on that subject and I invite you to not only read it http://www.voiceoverxtra.com/article.htm?id=geq18373 but to keep it in mind through out 2011 as you grow your business.


    Two other suggestions for you to consider this New Year: 1) check out Bob Souer's blog roll at http://bobsouer.com/blog/ He has, I believe, the most comprehensive collection of blogs out there and so I would encourage you to find a few that speak to you, from that list, and to subscribe to them. We should never ever quit learning, so why not try and learn from peers who we trust and respect? Oh yes, and 2) a truly selfish plug, I mean invitation, for you to subscribe to my blog at www.PoppaUnplugged.com


    I feel a great excitement and anticipation about 2011 not only from my VO business (that I have been so blessed by) but also by my new full service advertising agency that I'm just getting ready to launch. It's the first time I've ever started a business because I wanted to not because I had too (for financial reasons) so it promises to be something special. You can check out my website at www.simplifyMyAdvertising.com


    I wish you every success this year and on in to the future.

    with gratitude,

  • Here's 2min of sweet music from my friend Allan Blackwell http://bit.ly/hGtoJg he sang all 65 tracks individually with no copy and paste WOW
  • Penny,

    So awesome and powerful!  Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing that!!!


  • Merry Christmas! My U.K. based partner and I produced an audio drama version of the Christmas story.

    The one and only Dave DeAndrea is in the cast, as well as other well known members of our community. There's Bob Souer, Anthony Gettig and Natalie Nicole Gilbert, along with Dove award winning singer/songwriter Bryan Duncan, Kenny Metcalf who was keyboardist for the 1980's Christian glam rock band Stryper, and others. I would love to hear your feedback!

    Here's the link if you care to listen: http://budurl.com/g29g

  • I know all of you will enjoy this!  Merry Christmas!







  • On my way to the Laser Spine Institute in Scottsdale, AZ tomorrow morning for back surgery. Hooray!! I am so looking forward to being pain-free. I'll be updating during this week. The surgery is on the 15th. Prayers are gratefully accepted. Wish me luck!
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