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  • Welcome Penny!
  • Hi everyone! I don't know why on earth it took me so long to get over here. It must not have been the right time until now. I find that things generally happen when they're suppose to.

    It's wonderful to be with you!

    Warm hugs,

  • Thanks Victoria.

    Christine Ivy
  • Christine Ivy, needs your prayers for healing, she has pneumonia. Thank you in advance for her.
    I pray and lift her up in the name of Jesus, I ask Father that this pneumonia leave her now in the Name of Jesus. I thank you that you are the healer and she is healed and has a swift recovery. Amen
  • I'm glad I've found this group, and I'm looking forward to interaction and encouragement among fellow believers with similar ministries.

    Blessings to all 193 of you!
  • What a wonderful theme to this group - thank you Dave for creating it.
    Moving to a new country, start afresh sure tests ones grit and this has really made my faith deeper. Peter
  • Ever seen an "Elk rut"? Check out this week's blog "What's In Your Backyard?" at http://www.poppaunplugged.com

    with gratitude,
  • My latest blog is on "Forgiveness - Where do people find it?" Hope you'll check it out at http://www.PoppaUnplugged.com

    with gratitude,
  • Mark Fletcher and I have put together a 9/11 tribute on my blog at http://poppaunplugged.com/ check it out and remember

    with gratitude,
  • Hey everyone I watched the movie Facing the Giants(for the umpteenth time) last night. If you haven't seen it, do it is totally worth the time.

    The message that stuck out for me is when one of the leads says "if we win, we praise Him; if we lose we praise Him" That phrase was great for me as I have been going through what I feel is a lot of loss for the past two years. From now on with God's help I will praise him "win or lose"

    I hope this will encourage at least one more person!


    Christine Ivy
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