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  • I am so delighted to find this group. One more example of
    God's grace. I look forward to getting to know all of you.
    Blessings from Oklahoma,
  • Yesssss!!!
    I am sooo glad to see a Christian VO group!!
    I look forward to getting to know you all more.
  • Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum, and thank Chris Wallace for telling me about the group here. It will be so nice to get to know everyone else here on the forum. My website is www.bethwarden.com Have a great day!
  • Welcome to those of you who are new to the group! It's so cool to see that we're approaching the 100 mark in number. Amazing! I echo the sentiments shared here that it's good to know that there are others dealing with the same things in this business... and standing firm. God bless!
  • Welcome David. Yes, recovering DJs accepted. Ha!
    Glad He's brought you here.
  • What a nice surprise to find this group... greetings from Colorado! Here's to the 2009 that God has planned for us!
  • Welcome Katie! Yes He is!!!
    I'm still amazed at the number of Believers I keep running across in this business. And yes, seems strange sometimes to be here, considering the content of a lot of the work out there. But hang in there...remember, nothing takes Him by surprise.
    Hope you enjoy it here. Drop in anytime.
  • Hi there all! So glad to find this group! I was starting to feel like a loner there, for a bit. 'specially, after having to turn down a good number of jobs, since the script had material that I was not willing to work with (foul language and such). PtL for people like you that focus on giving our GREAT GOD the glory with the talents He's blessed us with! :-D
    I look very forward to getting to know you all.
    God bless.
  • Good morning to all. Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and that you are ready for the New Year. Godspeed to everyone!
    Any special plans or projects on your plate?
  • I have been praying a lot about where I need to be with work. One of the things that is on my heart is to do voiceover for Christian materials, such as audiobooks, documentaries, etc. Does anyone have any advice on where I can go to get more information about doing this? Thanks!
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