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  • Hi Diane and welcome, I think at times, we all feel isolated, whether we are sitting at home on our computers in a major city or a smaller town. Sounds like you have had some nice VO gigs so far! Before I audition, I say a little prayer, give it to God and let it go. That's really kept me from getting disappointed or frustated. Do you use a phone patch?
  • Hello All,
    This "social networking" is all very new to me (I've never done the Facebook or My Space thing), so I was very encouraged to find this group for Christian voice talent. I feel rather isolated from the industry, as I'm out here in western Maryland, and I don't know many other people in the business personally. A few friends in Baltimore, but that would be it. I have seen many of you on other sites and thought I'd finally jump in, put myself out there and get to know you.

    I'm thankful to God for every job He gives me (although they are usually few and sometimes far between), but each one I get encourages me to keep persevering here where He has placed me. I live in a small town about 2 hours from Baltimore and D.C., but my voice has been heard in Dallas, India, Japan and who knows where else! Don't you just love technology!! : )

    Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself. Hope I didn't ramble too much, but you know, we do all TALK for a living, right?

  • Welcome to those of you who have joined recently! It's so great to see he group growing!
  • Greetings all. I look forward to interesting discussions.
  • You are entering into a time of change. Listen to the wind, for it is blowing, and it is moving. There is purpose behind the strength of it, for I am bringing you forth into a season of fullness, a season in which the fullness of the Holy Spirit and that which I have for each one will come upon you if you will choose the anointing of the Spirit. The sound of the wind represents change, and so it shall be among you, My people. Changes are coming, and if you embrace them, they will propel you into the fullness of what I have for you in this time. Come with joy of heart, and come with willful expectation, for I am calling you to that higher spiritual place that I have prepared for you. Come and experience the revelation of this present time, says the Lord.

    Have a great week family.
  • Hi Everyone,
    I'm just a babe at voice over but really enjoy the people associated with it. Hopefully I can use the voice God gave me to glorify Him and bring honor to His Son.
  • Hi, I'm new to voice-over universe, and when I saw this group, I was excited to think about the fact that we all have the same beliefs. I will try to participate in discussions as much as I can, but certain websites are very hard for me to follow since I have no vision, and when they have a lot of graphics on them, it's difficult because I don't use a mouse. So if I don't answer you immediately, don't take it personally, I just don't always know where I am on the site. Anyway, it's great to join all of you. Do you all pray before your auditions? I do. Then I just send them up and let them go. Tina
  • I am bringing My people to a point of choice on a many levels. You will make decisions that will change the course of your life and what you value. History is in the making, and what you choose will produce a supernatural harvest of exponential increase. It is important that you consider the ultimate outcome of your options, before activating your choices. Be wise at this crucial point in time, says the Lord.

    Blessed be the days, family. Have a great week.
  • Absolutley, Chris! Welcome!
  • Are guys like me welcome here? ::) Let me inhale the fresh air for a sec...ahh:)
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