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  • Looking to add generic Spanish, Parisian French and Portuguese native speakers to my studio's talent pool (I'm a producer as well as a voice talent). Need to have their own, professional voice booth and be experienced with long-form narration.  Appreciate any recommendations.  Thanks!

  • Hello Eric and Dave,
    Markham here in upstate NY. I havent been on here in awhile I take care of my autistic son by myself :) veteran voice actor, last three audiobooks are on audible and ACX: Phoenix Project, SEAL TEAM SIX, and a Christian audiobook called The Sowers Field by Matthew Weaver. I am a born again Christian (long story/helicopter accident in Marine Corps). I spent four years in Wiesbaden Germany, so I know the accents well. Would love to audition for the new audio book.


    Andes, NY  845-270-8595


  • @Victoria  Here's a link for a VO rate card. Hope that helps. http://www.edgestudio.com/voice-over-rate-card  Good luck to you!

  • I  have  a question please :I answered an ad for a Voice over project, and I am still new to the getting paid part of the job, and I got an email back asking what my fees were for :

    What is your rate for radio spots :10, :15, :30, and :60?

    can anyone point my in the right direction where to start, what questions to ask ect... thank you for your help

  • The Lord will bless you a 1000 fold for your honor to Him Dan :)

  • Way to go Dan!

  • Dan, this is encouraging news. Thank you!

  • That's awesome to hear you stood your ground and held to your convictions, Dan. And it sounds like the author didn't write you off, which is great too!

  • Hey all,

    Another great experience - rejecting a job.  Just turned down an audiobook gig because the book was taking swipes at Christianity. 

    I was clear in telling the author that I'm honored that he loves my voice, but that as a Christian, I could not narrate his book because it goes against what I hold dear.

    He said that he understood, and that there are many books his company publishes that would suit me better - now that he knows.

    Matthew 10:33

    New American Standard Bible (NASB)

    But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.

    Don't be afraid to do the right thing - even if it means losing a client, you'll be able to sleep at night knowing you did the right thing before your Savior.

  • Hi all!  Since starting this group, I don't make it back here to VU as often as I should...but I hope it's been some sort of blessing to you. :)  In response to Susan's question, I'll be at Voice 2012 and hope to meet you there.  God bless!


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