A place for those involved in Chicagoland voice-over to kick back and chat it up. A wonderful resource for those interested in VO and those making a life of it.
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Dear all,


It's been a pleasure getting to know you. My big dreams are taking me to Los Angeles, so I'll no longer be organizing ChiVO. Please contact me if you'd like to see this community continue: morgan@morgankeaton.com


WELCOME, ye who are involved in voice-over in Chicagoland and the surrounding region! If you can make the trip to town, then put your name down!

Looking forward to meeting you all. Go on and introduce yourselves below!
The forum is there, so use it! Discuss whatever ya like. I'm looking for topics for future meetings, so please suggest topics, ask questions, etc.


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  • Just joined the group.
    Thanks Morgan for organizing this.
  • Hi Guys,

    I'm sorry I missed the first gathering as I have been recovering from a bad flu, not H1N1 thank god, but hope it was a success and will make sure to be at the next gathering to meet you great people!

  • I will be there. See ya tonight.
  • Aw, I'm sorry to hear that, Adam! But yes, definitely the best reason to miss. We'll see you next month, and I'll let you know if anything comes up before then (something might be in the works--we'll see!). Cheers!
  • Ah cripes, I was planning an attending tonight, but now I won't be able to. For the best of reasons I suppose...I have to finish up recording something that's down to the wire on the deadline. Have fun, and I'll be at the next one!
  • Great, Kristin! I'm glad you're still planning on it :) Can't wait!
  • Hi Morgan.

    I am planning to attend the meeting tonight. See you soon.

  • Hello Everybody.
    Thanks for putting this together Morgan. I am looking forward to seeing everybody from Bob Bergen's workshop and meeting new VO actors Oct 29.
  • Thanks for starting this group. Let me know when the first meeting will be. Looking forward to meeting ya. You may want to make a note that if people have business cards they may want to bring some to pass out. Have a great day!
  • Hi Gang,

    Glad to be a part of the group and looking forward to meeting!

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