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  • Thanks Barrie! You can be sure I'll check them out.
  • Kathleen, Chicago was great to me. You have to stay consistent with auditioning so the casting directors get familiar with your voice but that's any City. It's a GREAT market because other cities respect talent that break Chicago but it's smaller than NYC or L.A.
  • Dina, you may want to check out Encore Talent. They recently changed over to exclusive only but they may be good to talk to down the road. I was with them for a while when I was in Chicago. Also, Lily's is a good agency for non union as well.
  • Question to all Chicagoland voice actors: What agency that reps non-union talent would you recommend? A ha-yooge multi project deal just landed in my lap (so thankful to be thus blessed!) and I needed an agent to help me navigate and negotiate this deal. I did find one and they are working on this but I'm wondering about some others out there for future endeavors since listing with this agency is not exclusive.

    Anyone have any recommendations? Background? Info? Other than what one can find out on the net?
  • Hi gang! I'm new to the site. I'm in Champaign, but travel to Chicago often. Just listened to Rick's spot. Awesome voice!
  • Nice work Rick! I haven't seen it yet (save for right here) but I'll be looking for it. What a velvety voice! Thanks for sharing.
  • Hello all! Since my practice is based in Chicago, I thought I should join this group.
  • So how's business for everyone in Chicago? What's the good word?
  • There's was guy by the name of Doug Gilmore..I think..that worked at the Jammin' 103.5 as well back 1999-2000...He's a huge vo talent in Chicago, anyone knows where he is??
  • Hey folks!

    I'm wondering if anyone knows Nancy Sellers. I'm looking to get back in touch with her and am hoping someone knows her email address. Anyone?
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