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  • Wow, Sean! Awesome new site! Well done! :)
  • Hi Shawn

    The Web site looks great. Way to go!

  • The new website is up and running! There are new discounts available, as well!
    Check it out and let me know what you think!
  • Garnet...I know how you can create and develop characters, while you learn and perform with some of the best animation voice actors/teachers in the business! Log on to Some of the best are coming to T.O.
    I hope this helps!
  • Hey there,

    Just wondering what volume/kind of gigs other GTA/Ontario Voice Talent are getting. I'm currently working on a Food Network show, but would like to get into animation. Any thoughts?
  • No worries, Shawn. :) And thanks, Pat! The presentation at Voices of Vision *will* be slightly different from the one I presented at our TO VO meeting, just so everyone knows. :)

    And good luck to Tom too!
  • You were wonderful Jodi. Thanks for putting that together and I too will look forward to hearing it again at the Voices of Vision Conference.
  • Bryan...I know what you mean. I bought the 6000 sfx series, a long time ago and some royalty free music. You are right...good stuff but expensive.
    Tom...good luck with your audition!
    Jodi...I am so sorry I missed your talk, yesterday. I am positive you will be great at the Voices Of Vision conference! I can't wait!
  • Hi everyone... It's been a while since I've posted... but I got Tom's email about auditioning for a PSA... and I wanted to wish him luck! BTW Tom... rule of thumb... Audition for EVERYTHING that comes along. You'll be amazed how the spot you think least likely to work, will be a producer's perfect fit!
    Good luck!
  • Shawn...I love "sound ideas" too. A touch pricey but fantastic stuff.
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