For all the Canucks out there - and any wannabes!
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  • I know, I know, I'm not a Canuck... yet. But I'll be an honorary one in a year or so and I'll need some friendly VO folks to talk to. Am I allowed in?
  • Hello fellow Canucks!
    New to the site and VO work in general! I'm a producer, so I voice some local commercials, but I'm hoping that contacts will grow into something a bit more...creative. Cartoons? Video games? Whatever! I do it because it's a blast!
    Anyways, it's good to be here! Cheers!
  • Dear all, Ni Hao 你好!

    Nice to join this group to see all of you from the globe!
    We are new here, though been based in China which is out of the U.S, we are happy to work with Chicago friends on standard,non-accented Chinese voice over projects! We if there's anything we can help with , pls kindly let us know ! Don't forget we offer Japanese and Korean voice over services as well ;)

    We will keep watching this board, for reference on our future business trips.
    Nice meeting you again!

    BD Manager
  • To all of you Canucks out there, Happy Thanksgiving, and just a reminder don't forget the Pepcid!
  • Hey y'all! I'm needing to look into getting an ISDN line in my house, but from what I hear, getting a hold of the right ear at Bell can be tricky. Any fellow Canadian VO talent have ISDN in their house, and maybe some info as to who you talked to about ordering a line?

    Much appreciated!
  • Just a quick hello from Victoria BC. I'm a 50 year old newbie here but finding it just feels RIGHT when I'm behind that mic.
  • Hello from Toronto everyone. Looking forward to reading everyone's posts.
  • NO worries Doug! :-) You're a VO, part of this group & you have a cool sounding name..what could be better! :-)))
    Enjoy the gig! Sounds like FUN!
  • Well Liz, I have a confession to make... while I have the French name, I have no French language skills. But I will be announcing Monster Spectacular in Montreal in Apirl even though I'm uni-lingual. I guess when your screaming like a pro wrestling announcer, the language doesn't matter as much :-)
  • Ahhhh...another "de" ;-) Cool!
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