For all the Canucks out there - and any wannabes!
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  • Hmmm, this will be my first comment here. What to say that's very cutting edge to my fellow country men and women voice over stars? How about "keep your stick on the ice"? :-) Hi everyone, glad to be a part of the great group from the great white north.
  • I have been remiss in not visiting often enough. Welcome to all the new (and not so new) members! Hope your winter hasn't been too difficult.

    And Bryan - I actually watched that episode! Great work - congratulations.

    Liz it's great to see you here - you and Peter are definitely honorary Canadians!
  • Here's a clip of my debut on Corner's about 4 minutes in and look for the bald customs
  • I invite everyone to take a look at the new website that promotes the use of voice-over on websites. If nothing else it is worth a chuckle or two. I welcome evryones comments.
    Jerry Bader, MRPwebmedia
  • Feeling nice and patriotic this morning...and nothing better than having a post reside right next to the legendary Norm Foster :-)!
  • Greetings from the prairies!
  • I would expect nothing less, Liz!
  • I don't know....I'll have to have my people talk to your people! ;-)
  • Okay, I've had my people check you out. You seem pretty safe. BTW, nice Demo Liz., and the photos! Wow, you're hangin' with some pretty swanky folk!
    Can I hang out with you too?
  • I would expect nothing less, Greg! :-)
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