For all the Canucks out there - and any wannabes!
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  • We'll have to put you through our rigorous screening process, Liz, I'm sure you can understand. It's a "Standing on Gaurd for Thee" kinda thing. Just act natural, we will be watching you and of course, listening....
  • Can I come play?...I do quite a bit of Bilingual VO work for Canada! about 40% of my work!....I LOVE Canada! :-*


  • Thanks Greg
    Welcome Terry!
    Hello to the rest of you Canadians...hope to hear from you soon. Let's build our group and show them how dedicated we truly are.
    Nice to see so many familar faces
  • Sibilince. Sibilance...Check. Two.
    I'm new
  • Howzit goin', eh? Proud Canadians Unite!! What a great place for us to network and learn about different VO opportunities up here in the great white north.
    I highly recommend any course Deb Munro puts on. She's an amazing teacher and terrific talent.
  • Hello nice to see a group for us Eh'ers....
    I don't have a ton of time for blogs, sites, groups etc, but I will check in from time to time.

    I am happy to offer any advice I can etc. I have worked with nearly EVERY coach (except Stevie as John so beautifully plugged....) and I can help you narrow it down to coaches that will help you a great deal (if you're looking for that of course)

    FYI, I'm bringing Pat Fraley to Vancouver Oct 25/26 - rare opportunity to be coached by the TOP coach today. He will be covering accents and character over two jam packed days. Only 12 seats avail and we're over half sold already. It's expensive, but worth every penny (and it's cheaper than he'd be in LA). Lots going on with us. Join our Voice Pitt group as well so we can connect there too and you can see what's happening

    Happy to answer any and all of your questions at anytime

    All my best
  • A welcome to Brian and Graeme! Sorry for the delay, I was gadding about in NYC.
  • Welcome John - I didn't realize Stevie had moved to Toronto. I have noticed she is offering more classes here though. I haven't had a chance to take one of them yet.
  • Only 19 members ? We can do better than that. I'm in Vancouver and was lucky to work with the Emmy award winning Stevie Vallance who now lives in Toronto area. She specializes in animation but she's amazing.
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    Tooned In Animation Voice Acting Workshops
  • Anne, sorry for the delayed welcome - glad to see you here!
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