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  • Porta Booth?
    Hey Folks..Is anyone using the porta booth...if so ...Did you send off for it or can you pick it up somewhere like a guitar center...What about the 300.00 reflection filter...HELP
  • Thanks Mike and Dan
    REALLY appreciate the help!
  • Yup...used it that way too. I keep it in my bag of goodies, just in case. I have redundancy, on top of I never let go of any of my recording devices. Like the MicPort Pro, but just prefer the others.
  • A cool thing about the Mic Port pro is that you can run an XLR cable to it and have it stationary next to your computer. Didn't think about that did ya?
  • HI Lin,

    Welcome! What makes a house in DC different from anywhere else? lol.

    Follow the thread prior to your comment, lots of good suggestions there!

    Dan L.
  • As for the Pro Tools vs. "Everything Else" argument...I couldn't agree more. I have Pro Tools, am a long time user, and am fastest on the program. That being said, when I'm on vacation, out of town, or on location, and I take my mobile rig with me, I use Twisted Wave, but I use the Apogee Uno ( until recently, I used the Apogee Duet ). The Uno is inexpensive, and it's very, VERY high quality input for your Mac. If you're using Mac that is. I do believe that while you may not need to do the ProTools interfaces ( MBox2, 003, et al ), I DO think it's a good idea, for your "set it and forget it" home studio setup, to get the highest quality input source for your computer you can afford. The Uno from Apogee is very inexpensive compared to many of the other offerings out there, it's very small and compact, and you can use any of your normal studio mics with it. Heck, if you're REALLY in a pinch, it even has a "reference quality" microphone built into it!

    Anyway, after many, many years of trying many, MANY different things, I really like the Apogee stuff for bang for your buck, clean, clear, crisp, high quality input. The MicPort Pro is also an excellent choice, but I sometimes question the integrity of the usb connector over long-term use ( the cable basically just dangles from the back end of the connector when the mic is on a stand. That seems like a prime fatigue point to me over the long term ).
  • Hello all my name is Linwood Powell. I just joined vo universe and Booth Builders and Box Buyers. I have just started and all of the equipment I have is a mic and a MacBook Pro. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. This is for residential home in DC.
  • Okay...i'm still here 4 the moment...guess I'm just used to "making do" with what I have. And it is silly bc I use my editing program for most everything else. So.. when I can - I'll change. - Kinda like when I wore hard contact lenses...(yes I'm that old) then switched to easy!!! Guess laser surgery would be the next step up...but I'm getting OT ...lata..:-) Thanks Dan!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well Ilene...Once you've made that investment, you can do whatever your brain tells you to justify it. How many times have you had to use the million bells and whistles PT offers?

    If you're producing full commercials and all the production elements required for that, Pro-Tools is as good as anything else, except that its still hyper overkill.

    When you record at home, you want to set it and forget it. You want to hit record and go, not arm a track, set up parameters etc.

    If you have Pro-Tools and know how to use it efficiently (if such a thing is possible) Justify away. If they are just starting out, from your experience, would you recommend PT to a beginner? How much of a learning curve could you have avoided? hmm? hmm? LOL!

  • Hey I totally agree with you Dan...and everyone...but even if I was initially steered wrong - so that i already own ProTools M-Box..and use it...(even tho i KNOW it's overkill)...even if I'm using one millionth of the "brain" - I mean - Is there a $$ good reason to trash it?... (Oy, now I'm going to catch crap!!!) ] I have to I'll enjoy reading the responses...later :)
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