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  • Thanks for info Dan - REALLY appreciate it!
  • Hi all,

    Blue had to have compromised some quality to achieve that price point over the Mic Port Pro. ($60-150) No question that any USB attachment that can make ANY mic a USB mic is a huge plus factor in a home studio assembly.

    In fact (Oy, am I gonna catch crap for this) All the front end stuff (Aphex's and MBoxes) is a waste of time and precious capital for simple, single track, mono voice tracking. Processing is for engineers. Best to record dry and then process in post. If you don't know what something does, you probably don't need it.

    Pro-Tools should be banned from Voice over lexicon. (and I know Beau totally agrees) Folks, all this stuff we use for recording was designed for recording music, not dry voice. I liken it to buying a control room for a nuclear reactor to run a hamster in a circular cage.

    TJ is right. Twisted Wave is a great program for non-rocket scientist like most of us. I have been very hot on Adobe Soundbooth CS4. It was designed for video producers to add narration and sound to video. Precisely what we do only they didn't think about us. Adobe gives you that fab 30 day free trial. You'll by it after an hour.

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  • TJ and Rich - Thankyou so much.
    I am going to into research mode and check them out!
    REALLY appreciate the help!
  • Blue also makes a mini usb pre, the 'Icicle', supposed to be an amazing unit. I think price is comparable to the MicPort Pro. One thing I would recommend since you are using a MAC, is 'Twisted Wave' for your recording software, if you're baffled by technology you will love it, it's amazing, and priced right. I downloaded it on a friends recommendation, used it 10 minutes later for an audition, and have not opened pro tools since. It has a 30 day trial period, so it's a nothing to lose situation.
  • For super portability, check out MicPort Pro (eg on Harlan Hogan's website: Just plug it into your stand mic and connect to your laptop via USB port. Phantom power supplied via the laptop USB and earphone connection on port. It is all you need between your mic and your laptop. Only $149
  • Hi TJ and everyone - great to be part of the group!
    I have just moved here from Australia, where I have been working for the last 10 years.
    VERY different scenario there - I get ALL of my work through my agent and go into the studios.
    I am not good with technology and have not had to record at home - this is all very new.
    I am currently in the process of setting up my first basic home studio with the view to upgrade in the future.
    Goals: I travel a lot for work, so the studio needs to be somewhat portable.
    So - I have a MAC and an MBOX 2.
    I was told that the Apogee Mini-Me would be a great pre-amp for my basic set-up whilst satisfying the portability requirements.
    Problem....they seem to be hard to find these days....and I don't want to purchase off eBay.
    Can anyone suggest a good vintage audio dealer where I might be able to pick up a well serviced used unit? Or other suggestions for how to pick one up?
    Or suggest a good alternative with digital output, Phantom Power and XLR connectors.
    The Focusrite ISA ONE was suggested to me - thoughts? A little too big...
    Any advice that would bring me out of the dark would be greatly appreciated.
  • I look forward to seeing them.
  • Thanks Neen. Mike Bratton can tell you, when I get an idea in my head.. I uh... well really don't do it small. :) I appreciate your kind words. This is just the voice booth.. (9' x 8') the rest of the studio is my controll room desk with all my gear. As soon as I get it cleaned up.. I'll snap some pictures for you all. that has 5 monitors and a 40" 1080p/120hz Samsung too. Oye.. the radiation!
  • Wow, Jim. I am truly in awe. That is a really nice, nice is not adequate. Your studio is fantastic. That's the studio I want when I grow up!!
  • Yes and yes, what ever I need to do with it. The top monitor will be hooked connected to my main prod machine, so and video sync would happen on that screen, the screen below will just be for scripting. I'll also have a version of either Pro-tools and Audition up there that I can control. That way NO computer hum in the booth at all. Everything gets flown in via cat-6 and video extenders. First time I have had a booth, and I wanted to do it right. The monster stand you see is somehting I custom fab'd. Nice to have a guy that cn weld!!!
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