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  • Jorge,

    Clearly, if your an ISDN person, that is a factor. For those of you who do no ISDN, the ISO booth is utter overkill. Clearly one must look at this through a cost/benefit analysis.

    For those using ISDN, I'm gonna gather that you can afford the expense, as you've already shelled out for the gear and the line. FOr those just starting out, an ISO booth is not something you should be thinking about.
    (There goes the Whisper Room Endorsement deal) (Darn!)
  • To play devils advocate, here are two scenarios.

    1. An online audition has come up. It sounds like it was written for you. It pays $5000. You are sitting at your computer when it comes in. And right then your neighbor starts mowing his lawn. As he edges and leaf blows, more and more auditions come in on the project. He's done! And so is the audition.

    2. You live in a urban area. Garbagemen, leaf blowers, busy street, crying babies, lots of small lawns being mowed. The only time it is dead quiet is 2:00 am. (Assuming no one in your apartment building is, shall we say, vocal in their passions.) So, as long as an audition comes in after 2:00 am, you are golden.

    So, you can take the vocal booth route, or move, I guess. Which one of those options costs less?
  • Dan's right, but with one caveat: If you are on a phone patch or ISDN session, you likely won't have that luxury. So, look at the type of work you do, the amount of time your recordings would be ruined by outside noise, and factor that into the extremes you must take to isolate your mic.
  • Folks,

    You have two choices here. U can spend a lot of money and have fun building a complex booth of dubious utility, or .. you could wait for your neighbor to stop cutting his grass. How much is your patience worth?
  • I did not build the ventilator, my booth is in a room with a 9' ceiling that does not get direct sunlight, so it has not been a problem. It got warm one time, I was in the booth for six hours, and had 6 people in the room, that's a lot of body heat btus. I will probably be doing some experiments this summer with cooling, I'll keep everyone posted on what mods I do, and what their outcome is. Easy to build? Well, I am somewhat mechanically inclined, so it was for me. If you can follow plans, you should be fine.
  • Thanks so much. I will check it out.
    Meantime, take care.
  • Hey Rick,
    I wrote up my experiences using the Mic Thing a while back.
    You can check it out here (pics and audio):
    Living Room Laboratory: The SM Pro Audio Mic Thing
    While setting up a client's home recording kit, I got to play around with an SM Pro Audio Mic Thing . Similar in design to the sE Electronic...
  • Hi T.J.

    If you don't mind sharing it, what was the total cost? Did you build the ventilation module that rolls up to the side? Is it really needed? How do you like the booth? Was it relatively easy to build?

    Thanks so much TJ and take care.

  • Rick,
    While I do not have the sE Electronics SERF Reflexion Filter 3.5, I built my 4x6 dawbox booth a few months back, and have been using it since. It's the booth you see in the photo for the group. What questions do you have?

  • Hi:

    Anyone here have any experience with the sE Electronics SERF Reflexion Filter 3.5?

    Also, I have ordered my plans for a 4'X6' DAWBOX soundbooth. Would like to hear if anyone has this booth or knows someone who does.

    Thanks and take care,
    Rick Sykes
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