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  • Nice setup Jim. May I ask what you use the second video monitor for-ADR perhaps?
  • Yeah... I'll be "done" when I sell it. :) Then we'll start all over again. Love's me the challenge!! :) Untill then, we'll just enjoy it..... a LOT!
  • Oh Jim...who are you kidding. You'll never be "done." : ) Seriously, freakin' awesome studio. Can't wait to come down to Austin sometime and record in there!

    Rock on...

    Mike B
  • Thanks TJ. This started in 1999 when we bought 11 acres outside of Austin near where Willie Nelson lives in the Texas Hill country. I, along with favors I called in from friends, framed out this two story single car garage with about 390 sq feet of space above the garage. I knew this was going to be my studio at one time. Litterally built the entire thing from ground up. Designed the booth and separate control room, BUT we lived in THIS space while we general contracted our home. Now we are in that, I finally had a chance to finish out my dream studio, and ... this is it. I now have to pick up all my crap from doing the connecting and wiring and I'm done. Whew.. I'm tired just thinking about it. Thanks again for the comment. :)
  • Aw, and I was so proud of mine! Fantastic, Jim!
  • My booth is 8'x9', paperless with monitors. Build the entire buidling myself, control room is about 300 sq feet too. here's a few pics of my booth.
  • Dan, yep, we are!

    Good Reads,

  • TJ

    I didn't say I agreed with him....He was a School Superintendent for crying out loud. An over paid bureaucrat running a school district in the backwaters of Upstate New York. (And a first rate shmoe I might add)

    Absolutely, people should live where they want to live. Being a Voice artist next to LaGuardia would constitute not somewhere you would want to live.

    What I was trying to say was, if you are using your ISDN a great deal and making the bucks it requires just to maintain that, you can probably afford an ISO booth. You should also have some flexibility in your environs. A beginner has no need for an ISO booth. Too many noobs are running out and buying them as a mythical necessity. They're great, if you can afford one. A beginner cannot afford one, (let lone Mac n' cheese.) Its a wise investment if it is a necessity, which means you are using it in a profitable way on a day- to-day basis. I think we are in agreement on that.
  • Dan, vocal booths are not a necessity, no, but they can make the job easier. And like I said, which costs more, a booth, or moving?

    No offense to your School Superintendent, but that's crap. You live where it's economically feasible for you to live.
  • TJ,

    As a School Superintendent I used to work for used to say.."You live where you chose to live." (in reference to driving an hr. to work in a snowstorm only find that school was cancelled as you arrived)

    Fo those of you auditioning for, and getting the $5000 Airline jobs, I say "go to it" if you haven't already.
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