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  • I neglected to mention the shelves I added to my booth, there is a shelf on either side of the back of the booth. One holds my lava lamp, and the other my mixer. They are visible in the photo. The lamp shelf is an ornamental photo shelf from Target, the mixer shelf is a piece of plywood, cut precisely to fit the mixer.

    Don't forget to allow for the ergonomics of 'booth necessities' when you lay out your plans, it seems like a tiny thing, but remember, you are going to be, (ideally!), spending a LOT of time in here, why not make your life as simple as possible!
  • To see some other home studio tours, check out

    Good Reads,

  • Hi TJ...I hope all is well. Your new booth looks fantastic!! I love it!! Thanks for the invite.
  • Miguel,

    Without knowing your dimensions and other room specifics, then a smaller space for recording in a room that isn't perfectly square or rectangle, pillows in the corners, blankets hung on the walls...those are all general ideas for fixing up a space, and everything you do will be better than doing nothing and having no treatment whatsoever.
  • Hi All,

    Looking forward to learning!!!


  • Hello,

    I'm a Portuguese(Europe)Voice Over Talent that is looking for a cheap solution of killing a slight reverb that i have in my recording room. Has to be cheap and removable. Does anyone have a nice way to kill this unconfortable reverb beacause of the room size?
  • Welcome James
    It is nice to have you and your vast knowledge with us.
  • Anything I can do to help, just let me know. I've designed two TV audio control rooms, an audio truck, and my own home studios.


    James R. Alburger
  • Voice Over Xtra did a piece on my booth/studio, it can be found here:

    This is very neat!
  • Nice idea for a group TJ
    I have a few things I can contribute when I have a moment

    Look forward to speaking with you all

    All my best
    Deb Munro
    My Voice, Your Way!
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