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  • I have a booth which is lined with Auralex foam on the inside, so it's sound treated but not sound proof. So can fiberglass be added to the outside of the booth to sound proof, or does it have to be placed inside under the foam?

  • Greetings all, 

    I'm buying a "box" to put into my studio and want some opinions about how formidable the sound-proofing needs to be in the studio walls themselves. I'm getting a 7X7 IAC box and installing it in a 15x15 room [essentially it will occupy 1/4 of the room itself, but the IAC is pretty soundproof in and of itself ~ how intense do I have to get on the actual walls of the studio ?? Any input wold be appreciated . . . 

  • Hi Lauren,

    These NT1A mics are sensitive. I have the same problem, raise the mic up a bit. So your mouth is under slightly.

    Turn your head a bit. This is what works for me.The pop filter doesn't stop all of those plosives.


  • hi everyone,


    I joined this group because I have a home studio. In it I have a rhode ntk which I LOVE, but sometimes I find my plosives to be too much. I do have a pop screen filter, but I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions. Thanks!

  • hello everybody , new to the group and HAPPY NEW YEAR
  • Hey Booth Builders and co.,

    I'm doing some booth renovations, my new website is up, (, and I'm going to be a guest of the 'On Vox' podcast tonight, (6:30 Pacific Time), give it a listen if you get a chance!

    Happy Holidays and Good Reads,


  • Andrew - If you want to mount the display on a mic stand.boom have a look at this... - Best, Al
  • I want to install a vertical monitor for copy in the booth. I don't want it to clutter things up. Is there a special way to mount it so it looks clean? Also want to be able to use a music stand as well.
  • Thanks, Chuck! We did go to see it...and decided that, sadly, we have no good way to disassemble, move and reassemble the dang thing with any hope of success. WAY more complicated looking and in terms of transporting than a WhisperRoom (which they ship TO me). So even though it was definite a superior product at a better price, I had to pass. Sigh. WhisperRoom should arrive next Thursday.
  • Well, all I can say is WOW. I hope it works out for you Xe!
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