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  • But a PS everybody...I never believe in asking ANY TEACHER to TEACH FREE OF CHARGE. It is a sin. It's not fair. It's diepicable unless it is a CHARITY. There are some schools and workshops currently asking teachers to teach free "for the publicity" while they rake in the dollars. Ask for some of those dollars. Teachers need to be paid.
  • Andy: About what to charge a student: It depends on the relationship...the son of a friend, a relative, a young student, an attorney or physician or other professional person with substantial income? It makes a difference. Maybe have one "student rate" and one "professional person rate?" Think about this. I know teachers who charge from $35 per half hour to $250 per hour and above. It depends on many things. Let me know if I can help more.
  • Hi, Bettye--

    I was recently approached by an acquaintance (we'll say friend for the purposes of this question) about providing some "training" for her son in the realm of V/O. I've worked with him before while coaching volunteer community theatre workshops. He's bright and talented, and I know he'll do well. My plan is to work with him for a couple of hours, a day or two per week, for as long as his mom feels it's beneficial to him in some way, and for as long as he's getting something worthwhile out of it. I plan to discuss the various styles of reads (Hard Sell, Soft Sell, etc.) ways to appropriately interpret copy, how to properly project into a mic, and even how to edit down the final product into something presentable to a client. And some tips on where to shop his demo around...

    The problem is, I have *NO* idea what to charge for this, never having done anything quite like it before. I'm open to everything from cash to "trading" my services to have him mow my grass for the summer... ;)


    Thank you so much.

    All my best--

  • Hi there! I'm working on a new set of demos for agencies and an upcoming website I'm constructing. The question I have deals with the narration demo. I've got a lot of material to consider, but I don't know what to put in or leave out. The suggestion came up to use a non-fiction story, classic or fiction, and travelogue. How long should it be? And what should be included? This isn't for my eLearning and corporate demo, just for the audiobook or documentary reading.

    All comments are welcome, thanks for your time!
    Howard Yates.
  • Hello everyone. Happy New Year. Wow. It's finally post-holiday and time to get to work. Yes! I'm presenting a webinar tonight through on Audio Books. It is a two part webinar. Part II is March 1. Hope you can be on it. Contact the website above to enroll and if you cannot attend one or both nights, this gives you right to download complete podcast of it. Let's get going in 2010
  • Hy Bettye, I found your group and now I am ready to learn from you and the rest. When I get the opportunity, I will go back and read from the beginning and talk to you later. Blessings:)
  • Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
  • Hey everybody, be sure and take a look at the site in mid-to late December to see the webinar cheap and informative sessions on your computer and phone with variety of experts, variety of topics. I am giving webinars too in 2010 through this site. See my dates and topic list!
  • I like On the web and on an 800 number you get fab service and advice too!
  • Hi Bettye and everyone - great to be part of the group!
    I have just moved here from Australia, where I have been working for the last 10 years.
    VERY different scenario there - I get ALL of my work through my agent and go into the studios.
    I am not good with technology and have not had to record at home - this is all very new.
    I am currently in the process of setting up my first basic home studio with the view to upgrade in the future.
    Goals: I travel a lot for work, so the studio needs to be somewhat portable.
    So - I have a MAC and an MBOX 2.
    I was told that the Apogee Mini-Me would be a great pre-amp for my basic set-up whilst satisfying the portability requirements.
    Problem....they seem to be hard to find these days....and I don't want to purchase off eBay.
    Can anyone suggest a good vintage audio dealer where I might be able to pick up a well serviced used unit? Or other suggestions for how to pick one up?
    Or suggest a good alternative with digital output, Phantom Power and XLR connectors.
    The Focusrite ISA ONE was suggested to me - thoughts? A little too big...
    Any advice that would bring me out of the dark would be greatly appreciated.
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