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Here is an article I wrote that you might enjoy. Please share (Auditioning at Big Advt. Agencies)

What Is A Voiceover.docSharing an article I wrote with my members here.
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Bettye ZWHAT IS AN AUDIO BOOK.docAuditioning At BigGun Ad Agencies.doc

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  • Bettye!

             I think you are fabulous!my kid just laughed herself to sleep, recalling you loading monkey chow and playdoh into Don Rickles (Mr. Potato head)

    I'm an American VO in London, and I was wondering if you might extend your learned opinion, as to whether I might work in the states. Here's my youtube channel:

    Stefan's vo channel

    If you don't have the time to respond, I still think you're fabulous!



  • The two FIRST DEMOS are commercials and narrations. Those then may be followed by "niche demos" such as political, audio books, radio TV Promos, more. But first, do the two basic ones. character demo? Only if you are connected and know ways to merchandise it. If you don't, stick with areas in which you might get jobs.

  • Hello Patty and welcome. I suggest you start researching his vast world of voice overs with reading books and searches online. The archives are a particularly rich source of information, all free. Also, attend online webinars and attend workshops. That's the way we all got started. It's a complicated business. Agents? You need great demos and some kind of body of work. Best of the best to you. And keep asking this group too.

  • Hi, my name is Patty Mo and I am new to VU.. I am just getting started in the voice over community, and although I do have my demo, my question is how do I get it heard to get an agent/manager and to be cast?


  • Hey everybody, by invitation, I'm teaching in New Orleans at The Univ. of New Orleans August 13-14 (a benefit for the NOLA VOICE FOUNDATION) open to general public. See my site for into. Then it's early Sept. in Houston at the Radio Works Studio with coach guru there, Jim Conlan. San Antonio end of August, two days 24-25 then Kansas City here I come, my beloved home town! Teaching with VOPLANET founder and agent Donna Summers (she's bringing REAL jobs to the workshop people can read for!) Sept 20-21 with a mixer networking party night of Sept 21. Lots of stuff happening. And my Newcomers to Voiceovers Day in Dallas is July 24. Strictly the biz. Happy Summer everybody. Onward and Upward in the wacky world of voice overs!
  • FYI: The worlds of voice overs are much different in various regions of the US and all over the globe, for that matter! The demo and jobs and producers and advt. agencies and agents and everything else are very different in Los Angeles, NYC, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, whatever city you want to name. These differences matter when a vo talent resides in one of these areas. And you need agents in at least four cities and also you work in the online world too...very complex today. Very.
  • I am going to do a webinar for VoiceoverXtra to be broadcast on web night of Aug 2 addressing "the part timer in voice overs," prompted by viewers and listeners and students clients asking for this topic. Yes, it's one worth discussing. Hope you'll tune in. And after, VOXTRA gets you the audio recording of it to keep. Enroll with VOXTRA. Ask John Florian owner for details.
  • Good comment XE. Absolutely agree.
  • Hope this is appropriate to post here, Bettye  - please let me know if it should go elsewhere. 


    I find that in addition to coaching and practice, one of the most practical things we can do as voice actors and audiobook narrators is to understand how our vocal instrument functions and perhaps do regular exercises to ensure the best possible resonance and clarity...whether for VO, audiobook demos, narration projects, etc. To that end, I'm always searching for nifty exercises and such...came across this resource today and thought I would share: 


    Hope all are enjoying a particularly productive and successful audiobook seasoon!

  • Keep the questions coming everybody. Enjoy your comments and questions and will try to help.
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