Looking for an Aussie?They'll probably be in here!
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  • Ah! Mr Liebold!
    Thank you for your kind words.
    Welcome to our little corner of this corner of the net. :)
  • Hi All
    Mr Royal - great site for the Aussies.
    Kathryn - i live on the Gold Coast and have trained a few voices over the years. I am happy to help you out of you need it. just let me know.

    To those going to Voice2008 - i am still trying to manage my month so that i can attaend too - but its looking shakey at this stage. Not one to be put off by such things - i have arranged the visa and dug out the passport so i can jump on the big silver bird with no propellers at a minutes notice....so here's hoping i get it.
  • AHHH! G'Day! #$%^&*>?$!~...
  • Hey Matt,

    I was told that the only AFTRS course they had on offer at the moment was for people who had been in the industry a longer period of time and just needed 'updating' of there skills not someone relatively new -I'll have to keep checking back to see what new ones they are offering coming up. :-) It was a VO Intensive Course run by a Vo coach from Sydney. Thanks for letting me know there is someone in Melbourne though..If I cant find what I'm looking for in Brizzy I'll def grab those details off you. :-)

    I've done some work through Austereo so yeah if you can let me know who it was that might work out too?

    ~ Kathryn
  • Hey Kathryn!
    Was that the AFTRS course that you did? At the moment, that's all I can think of that you might find in Brisbane. One of the writers at Austereo used to do some coaching, but I'm not sure if he's still going with that. If you're keen I could give you his details...

    I'd recommend someone down in Melbs, but I know that's not what you're looking for. :)

  • LOL..gee thanks ..well as long as the 'mass mean-ness' can be avoided that would be great! I'm going to be adding some of my ads next week once I get my act together. Kind of a smidge nervous bout doing that cos of the pool of talent on here tho..but hey I can only get better right! :-)
  • Hi Kathryn!
    Oh, alright...we'll be nice to ya!
    We WERE planning on being horrible and mean to you, but seeing as you asked so nicely... :)
    It'll be good to hear some of your work sometime.

  • I was also wondering if anyone had any contacts in Brisbane that might be able to act as a 'voice coach' for me? Not long ago I did a VO Course & from that gained a great contact to help me but he is in Sydney & over the phone while in a studio isnt the same as the face-to-face I would rather.
    A couple of months ago one of the radio stations sent my old demo to RMK Voices & before I knew it they rang me saying they were interested in me..BUT they asked me to re-do my demo and get some more commercial variety.
    SO thats where I am at the moment..needing to do a demo so I can hopefully get into the agency but needing help on getting a great demo done. :-)

    Any Advice or help would be much appreciated!

    ~ Kathryn
  • Just wanted to say a quick hello to all the other Aussies in here. I joined yesterday & I'm a relative 'newbie' to the voiceover industry..so be nice to me ok! :-)
  • I'd love to be going to voices, but I can't...maybe next time!
    I'll be there in spirit.....
    Fosters? Does anybody actually drink that stuff? :)
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