Looking for an Aussie?They'll probably be in here!
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  • Tess, I don't have an agent and while it's a hard slog finding the work yourself, at least I'm not competing against 20-30-40 others in the same agency to get the work - it's on my own merits, plus it removes the middle man. It is more paperwork, and I'm about to go Pty Ltd and go into business permanently with my partner - but i'm excited about it all !

    No more 9-5 :)
  • Hi Gang! Quite relieved to find a local group - not that I haven't learned heaps from the internationals, but I was hoping to find some resources closer to home... and here you all are. :-)
    I am very new to this VO world and would appreciate some info about Aussie coaches and courses (I am based in Canberra), any suggestions most welcome.

  • Great to see an Aussie group here. Cheers Alan
  • Hi guys, just joined VU and wanted to get into any Aussie Group going. Great to see a couple of familiar faces. Big howdy to PJ and Ruth!
  • Hey fellow Aussies!
    I was so excited to find this group.
    I just moved here from Melbourne and am quickly realizing that things are different here.
    I have embarked on a steep learning curve.
    In Australia I got all of my work through my agent and just showed up at the studios when I was told to, did my thing and waited for the money to arrive.
    I have never had to set up a studio, record auditions and market myself so vigorously!
    I am having fun learning and am excited about the future.
    So wonderful to be a part of an Aussie voice over community here.
    See related links to what you are looking for.
  • Wacko :) Nice to see the Aussie flag getting flown.....

    Just dropping in to say hi to you guys, and that I'm always keen to source new work - and I don't have an agent ! I run a decent quality home studio too, which I'm constantly upgrading - now only if my landlord would let me build a booth and knock out a wall :)
  • G'day Campo!
  • Hello everybodeeee
  • Justin, this is a great idea!
    ....very slick site design, too..
  • Howdy fellow Aussie Voice Talents.... I just wanted to let you all know that I am in the process of creating a Voice Talent Directory & Portal for Aussie VO's living and working in Australia. I would love some feedback and suggestions. I would really like to make this site beneficial for both talents and voice seekers. You can check out the site at www.ausvoicetalent.com.au
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