As an industry professional with 30 plus years experiece, I offer this as a place where talent can come for great audition techniques we have all learned over the years as VO actors, agents, and casting directors. We'd love to hear your feedback!
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  • You bet! The best voice actors are here, you are in good company.
  • Hi Donna,

    I'd like to join this group. After 25 yrs. of theater work, I began taking voice over workshops 4 yrs. ago. I have my demos, a basic home studio set up and I've begun to get some work. I know I can benefit greatly from this discussion forum and look forward to contributing as much as possible.


  • Wishing everyone a safe and blessed christmas
  • Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
  • "Audition Techniques". This must be the holy grail for VO talent.

    I am also interested in what should be included in the Demo Showreel as this is often the only audition we get.


  • Randy, Thanks for posting the link to your book. The site looks great and the vid is awesome. It's great that someone in your position is willing to share your VO knowledge to the rest of us. I'm looking forward to reading the book.

  • Hi All-I just uploaded a new BLOG on the Voice For Hire book website abut Breaking Through. I would love your feedback on this!
  • Hi Donna,
    Don't think I was invited. So I guess that makes me a gate crasher. Look forward to much info and discussion. Always need better ways to make an audition shine.
  • Hey John Florian from Voice X Tra magazine has written a great article on animation auditons--he interviewed me a few months agao check it out---
  • Hi Donna
    So glad to see an audition forum! I look forward to learning and sharing...
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