As an industry professional with 30 plus years experiece, I offer this as a place where talent can come for great audition techniques we have all learned over the years as VO actors, agents, and casting directors. We'd love to hear your feedback!
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  • I know- thats the tough thing-esp in this economy. I left my day job around this time last year and have 4 things I do to pay the bills. Although its been a VERY tough road its been the best decision I have ever made! Just stick with the voicework and it WILL pay off! Just think of it as a sales job and your voice is the product. If you do that you will treat is a business as opposed to a hobby.
  • Lauren,

    More time - yes.  More money?  Pension cheque goes only so far...

  • Hi Darla! Learning is what makes this career challenging and fun. You'll always be working to tweak and make your performances, equipment, etc. better. Good thing your a retiree! You'll have more time to be ahead of the curve;)
  • Once my dad accidentally  sent the unedited file of my work that had a lot of takes instead of the edited one.  The client said he had no idea how much work went into a voice over.  So that one had a happy ending.
  • Hi Darla,

    I saw your comment from last October about sending the wrong audition to a P2P site, and had to chime in with an anecdote. Last year I was working on two projects, one was a really hard sell while the other was a more conversational piece. Well, up against a deadline, I sent the conversational piece to the hard sell ad agency. He heard it and wrote me back saying that he really liked it and had another client for me. So, yes I screwed up but gained another job out of it!


  • Welcome Lauren,

    I am new to VO and find that I am learning something new every day!  Good way to keep my retiree mind alert and active.

  • Hi all,

    I am so glad I found your group here on VU. I'm on VO Planet and I am always looking for ways to improve and learn. Donna, I know I can benefit greatly from your expertise. I look forward to getting to know all of you. Here's to voice talent helping each other in our voice careers!


  • It's o-k Darla, you're not alone (sounds like Dr. Frasier Crane).  I did it once and only once.  I felt like an idiot!  Now, back to regular programming. 

  • Boy, I just made one of the stupidest mistakes possible! My excuse could be that it is too early in the morning, but that's really no excuse. I prepared an audition for a P2P site, checked for typos, listened to my mp3 to make sure it was good and then....I sent it to the wrong client!! NOT a good marketing strategy!!

    Learning experience - always, always, always make sure that you are on the correct client page before hitting "send audition" button. I will definately be more careful from now on.
  • I'm excited to join this group and learn from all your expertise, newer to the business, just set up home studio, anxious to learn - Thanks in advance!
    Would you be able to narrow down top 3 tips for getting the audition?
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