This group is BUSINESS...where are the jobs today that pay narrators? Who has these jobs? What are the sources we might contact with a demo to get narration jobs? Sure, we can talk about narration techniques too...
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A thought from Bettye.... You are entering the PUBLISHING INDUSTRY. Learn about it!

You must have a killer audio book demo to get paying work in this field especially from PUBLISHERS. You also must separate jobs you do on your own in your home studio from voicing for publishers, often in their studios. When you read for publishers, the pay is better and you often don't do the audio engineering. Mostly, they prefer readers in their own studios. The audio book jobs advertised on the online pay to play sites are usually from vanity publishers or the authors themselves or for other reasons...not publishing house jobs. Know the difference. And get used to the fact that audio books usually pay for THE FINISHED AUDIO HOUR. How long will it take you to get one finished audio hour that is perfect? That depends....could be two studio hours could be twenty studio hours with you engineering and voicing it too! Be very cautious on your price bidding.
Bettye Zoller

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  • Heard from two students today that a publisher emailed them nice note. "Listened to your demo and filed it for future reference when project comes up that fits you." See? It happens. Be sure and do the Audio Publisher's Assoc. Conference and Book Expo in NYC next spring. Goldmines to get hired, known, pass out your audio book demo. If your audio book demo's not "right for today," you won't work. Be sure it is. My annual audio book workshop is in Dallas Nov 13-14 and wow I hope some of you in this group will be with me! And the friendship and networking will be super as always. check it out on my site.
  • Big hugs to you Bettye, and THANK YOU!
  • To Ann Richardson, my student and now, dear family friend: Ann, dear, do not ever listen to rumours. How do people know these strange so-called 'facts' they spout without basis? It's the old game of "secret" and by the time a rumour goes round the world, it's nothing like when it began. Rubbish. Audio book publishers do indeed listen but ONLY if the package and the demo and the letter etc look professional and only if, when they hear the first five seconds of a demo, they are intrigued. You, my dear Ann, will go far. They will beat a path to your door. And're already working and have been ever since we mad e your audiobook demo.
  • Reply to Pablo, below: It would be a great idea to state the sorts of audio books you feel particularly suited for narrating, but the reverse side of that coin is this: Why limit yourself? Many times, people have hired me to do jobs or seen in me something I did not see in myself. And why would you not want to try new genres? You just might excel at them!
  • For audio books, does anyone know what percentage of Audio Publishers are using VO talent that doesn't come to their studio, but records from their home?
  • Should I specify on my website or any other marketing tools, the kind of books I feel comfortable narrating?
  • Hi Bettye! Just thought I'd update you.... I mailed out many many packets with your wonderful demo you made for me, and placed lots of phone calls. Meanwhile I paid my dues to APA and am now listed with them. Resulting from my membership, I am now recording for two different audiobook publishers who contacted me out of the blue. Haven't gotten any nibbles from the packets I mailed out, but then, I've heard stories where they have stacks of demo discs sitting around and it may be even YEARS before they decide to use someone from that pile.
    Hope you and Bill and Suzy are doing well. Hugs!
  • Thank you for the tips.
  • Excellent input here everyone. I suggest rather than take time phoning, just rely on the Audio Publishers Assoc publisher list. All on that list obviously do audio. concentrate on those. And if you are adept at recording, you need not "stay in your home area" as someone here said. You can record worldwide from your home. However, for those publishers who do indeed want you in THEIR studio, then it's a good idea to have those folks within driving distance from you unless they pay travel which they probably will not do. So avoid all that phoning time, Jennifer, and you can mail out dozens of packets instead in that time. Obviously your mailing is effective because it's working for you. Congrats. For those of you whose mail outs don't work, ask yourself why. Is your demo not quite right? That's a common problem I find in many students. All best.
  • Hi Nicole, I did some research to find out if the companies did audiobooks and then called.I have n't called on all of them on my list yet because on some of them I couldn't find out if they did audio or not-those of course, I will ask when I call. Usually however they state it in their webpages or PR. Some of them have a protocol that spells out exactly what you need to do and don't even have to cold call(Brilliance was one of these) Good luck!
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