This group is BUSINESS...where are the jobs today that pay narrators? Who has these jobs? What are the sources we might contact with a demo to get narration jobs? Sure, we can talk about narration techniques too...
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A thought from Bettye.... You are entering the PUBLISHING INDUSTRY. Learn about it!

You must have a killer audio book demo to get paying work in this field especially from PUBLISHERS. You also must separate jobs you do on your own in your home studio from voicing for publishers, often in their studios. When you read for publishers, the pay is better and you often don't do the audio engineering. Mostly, they prefer readers in their own studios. The audio book jobs advertised on the online pay to play sites are usually from vanity publishers or the authors themselves or for other reasons...not publishing house jobs. Know the difference. And get used to the fact that audio books usually pay for THE FINISHED AUDIO HOUR. How long will it take you to get one finished audio hour that is perfect? That depends....could be two studio hours could be twenty studio hours with you engineering and voicing it too! Be very cautious on your price bidding.
Bettye Zoller

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  • We are 90 members strong now. Great news. Get more members involved. How many of you are currently recording and voicing (either.or) and audio book or other long form audio project in your own or someone else's studio?
  • Anyone attending APAC?
  • FYI: I'm in the U.S. but most of April in Europe teaching and voicing. I'll write as often as I can from there telling you all the news. Remember that my May workshop in Dallas is "CHARACTERS." Wow. hope some of you can join us. May 22-23.
  • Hey, thank you to Becky Howard for the tip on LibriVox--I've also signed up, and have already contributed 2 chapters of Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner's "The Gilded Age," with more to do. Where ya going to find better material than that? Great practice!
  • Hi everyone. It's been busy and I feel I've neglected you. I'm back. Send me a note.
  • Thank you everyone who tuned in and joined us for our national Audio Book Webinar last night March 1. Thank you John Florian and for sponsoring me. Thank you everyone for your perceptive and wonderful questions. It felt like "old home week" with so many friends there. If you missed it, you can download the podcast for a small fee from Voiceoverxtra. Just go to the site. You can also download the recording of the first part of the webinar which was broadcast several weeks ago. Onward and upward everyone. And keep those audio book narrator job hunts going. Remember to target small to medium sized publishers and authors themselves first before targeting the giants. Network online and in "the real world." And of course, first and foremost, get that audio book demo produced ASAP. Make sure it is the right kind of demo. It's a very special format. Ask me for help if you need me. I phone consult in case you haven't heard...and keep asking questions here on our group because I'll be pleased to continue being your group founder and leader here on VU. Appreciate your joining. Visit often.
  • Great Audio Book webinar last night. Thanks Bettye.
  • Okay will do. Agenda as follows: Dallas wksp detailed discussion and follow-up questions to webinar. Blessings:)
  • call me afternoon before three pm central time. Hugs. BZ

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