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ASK JOE - January 2010 CBS ISDN Session

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  • Hey Joe if you're seeing this . . . Using a Neuman U87 40th Anniversary mic, would you recommend an Avalon 737 preamp? For voice over only. Something else? What do you use? Thanks!
    Steve Sorensen
  • Hey Joe I Seen A lot of videos but it would be nice to see some on the guys on the other end of your mic. The One that make 2 different sessions sound like one. what they use eq wise or how much compression is too much, because I know different radio stations use different compressions plus your system has compression. plus different station TV & Radio use different Processors and I guess I would say what would be a good default setting for a person that does voice overs productions for radio & TV stations since there is different compressions & Processing do you use a different settings for 1 TV station then set a different One For Radio Stations? See I wasn't Born with a Voice from god like you and others you always have the I'm Happy Delivery or even a Happy Serious Delivery and As I have been told I have the ear for Production side of thing. I'm Like a Sponge and want to learn more on the Tech side to make me a better Production Producer any suggestions?


    Brent "Romeo" Knight

  • I really appreciated how you were flowing with the energy of the clips. Like you were almost in the scene. Very nice.
  • Joe were you looking at a television monitor? Where was the copy? Were these lines memorized?
  • That would be GREAT Joe. They are enjoyable for us little guys :-)
  • It's been a long time since my last one. I'll have to take a shower and put some clothes on and do another :-)
  • What happened to those really cool videos you use to put out? Thanks Jay
  • Thanks John.
  • Hi Tim...thanks very much!! It's great to connect with you again.
  • haha...thanks Peter. Hit 'em long and down the middle. :-)
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