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ASK JOE - January 2010 CBS ISDN Session

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  • Mr. Cipriano
    I will see you on the Red Carpet tomorrow
  • Hope to see a bunch of VU folks at the Voice 2010 Red Carpet Reception tomorrow night.
  • Comment by Ben Blankenship: Do you work sessions on Sat. and Sun.'s?

    Hi Ben...It's very rare for me to work on Saturday or Sunday except for during ratings sweeps or the weeks leading up to the Network Upfronts. Joe
  • Do you work sessions on Sat. and Sun.'s?
  • Hello everyone... My name is Amilcar I'm from Guatemala, I'm 27... I have around 12 years on voiceover, but, I know that I have to learn more and more... someone can help me and tell me where do I can show my demo english... or where can I sound more on english... I'll like work on this English World... I work to Hispanic people livin' on US, but everything is in spanish!...
    so have a greate day...

    Salm 115,1
    Amilcar Vasquez
    00502 5742095
    Huehue, Guatemala
  • Ready for another session from you. It keeps us motivated. You Rock!
  • Comment by Chadd Pierce: Hey, Joe! Is that a MUSE sticker on your wall? Cause Muse is a really great band.

    LOL. Hi that is actually an "applause" sign that lights up. You can only see the last three letters, "use" on the sign in this video. It was given to me by my friend Susan Goings. Susan and my wife Ann used to work together at KABC TV in LA.
  • Used that stopwatch note... cool!

    Hey, Joe! Is that a MUSE sticker on your wall? Cause Muse is a really great band.
  • @Dan - Dan I liked the Ultrak 410 but could not find it locally. I also have a Harlan Hogan Voice Overs real mechanical stopwatch. Unfortunately is is very noisy (clicking on/off and reset) and it came with a plastic "crystal" which scratches very easily. I'm taking it to a trusted local watchmaker to see if he can swap the crystal to a synthetic sapphire and "quiet" the operating mechanism - that would be perfect. Still its a fun piece with an easy to ready dial.
  • @Michael - Yes, I saw the Sportline 460 "Silent Split Timer" also I but wanted the Sportline 228 because of the "Giant" easy to read display. Best, Al
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