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ASK JOE - January 2010 CBS ISDN Session

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  • I just picked up the Ultrak 410- already silent. No modification necessary.
  • Here's a stopwatch from Sportline that's already silent when you by it:
  • 4. Make sure to blow the whistle after all circle-takes.

  • The SPORTLINE 228 stopwatch is about $13 at:
  • Ben Blankenship on March 10, 2010 at 12:31pm
    I noticed you've switched to the 416...have you replaced the U87 with it?

    Hey Ben...I go back a forth. The 416 has more bite, more cut...the U87 is smooth and full. Depends on what I'm working on. Joe
  • FYI - For those wanting a silent stop watch, you can buy a SPORTLINE 228 "Giant Display Stopwatch" and follow these simple instructions:

    1 - Removed the 6 small phillips head screws that hold on the back cover of the SPORTLINE 228 stopwatch to access the battery compartment.
    2 - Removed the large silver disc (this is the speaker) held in place with a small bit of glue from its recessed circular mount (you will not be needing this unless you later want to restore sound to your stopwatch). You will note there are 2 coil spring contacts designed to make contact to the disc, these should be left in place.
    3 - Reposition the stopwatch back cover back in place (be sure to replace the nylon lanyard properly if you want to retain it) and re-attach the back cover with the 6 phillips head screws.

    You now have a silent digital stopwatch!

    I purchased mine at Dick's Sporting Goods, however you can find these SPORTLINE 228 stopwatches at many sporting goods stores. This is Item #WV2787BK.

    Disclaimer - I have no relationship with SPORTLINE or Dicks Sporting Goods in any way.


  • hey I just found out... It's ZUREK!!! =O
  • Hello Joe!

    Since you literally know EVERYBODY...By any chance, do you know who's the voice talent for HBO 24 7?
  • I noticed you've switched to the 416...have you replaced the U87 with it?
  • Believe it or not Joe.. I have a stopwatch in my head! It's truly UnCannY!!
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