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ASK JOE - January 2010 CBS ISDN Session

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  • Hi Joe, I'm thinking of buying my first MAC when I upgrade my home studio this year. I use Adobe Audition now but it's not available for MAC. Any suggestions on good programs to try for MAC? Thank's, Mike
  • Jeff,
    Have you heard about the promo class that David Alden is having in LA on the 3/20? Joe give David high marks, and I have a few friends who have trained with him as well. Perhaps I'll see you there.
  • Hey Joe-

    Trying to find a really good promo seminar in LA and wondering whom you might recommend...thanks very much - love your insight and expertise!

  • Hey Joe,

    Any chance you'd share the make/model of the stop watch? I'm quite handy with taking things apart, but if a certain model works better than others, I'd sure like to know.

    Thanks for your encouragement.

    -Dan Harder
  • Hi Joe - Also the pop screen used on the MKH 416 is a VAC-3.5c from Popless.

    For inquiring minds.

    Disclaimer - I have no affiliation with Popless or or Audio Technica.

    Best, Al
    Popless Voice Screens - Microphone Pop Filters
    Manufacturer and sales of adjustable pop filters for upgrading vocals when recording. By placing between vocalist and microphone, variable acoustic c…
  • Hi Joe - For the people who asked about the shockmount shown for the Senn MKH 416, that is an Audio Technica 8415. Just pitching in. Best, Al
  • Hey open up the stopwatch and clip the leads to the little speaker inside. True story.
  • Hi Joe...Love the "VOT".My stopwatch makes a beep when started and stopped.What kind do you use that doesnt make noise.?
    Thanks as always..Steve Singer
  • Hi Joe,
    I'm new here. Looking forward to any advice you can give to a newbie. Talk to you soon!
  • Thomas Bromhead: Hi Joe,Is that a stopwatch you have in your hand or are you checking your vouniverse inbox? Thanks for sharing the video.

    LOL...yes it is a stopwatch and sometimes I check my inbox :-) The stopwatch is how I keep track of the total time of the promo. This is an important part of recording to video live (even though I'm not seeing the video) if we are doing a :30 second promo, I have be "out" at 29 seconds and 20 frames. We have to leave 10 frames of audio free so that when the promo hits the air you don't get cut off when the next promo of commercial comes up. If you don't leave about 10 to 7 frames that's when you hear on the air:...."Tonight on C B eh" or "Tonight on FOCK" :-) So, at the top of the spot where you hear the "3 beeps" on that imaginary 4th beep, I start my stopwatch. When I get to the end of the spot, I check my stopwatch so I can judge how quickly I have to read the tag...if you don't have an idea of exactly where you are, you can't successfully leave those 10 frames at the end. In this video, we redid one or two tags because I went past the 10 frame out point.

    It's a good question. The timing issue of finishing your last word is very critical in network promo.
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