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ASK JOE - January 2010 CBS ISDN Session

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  • Hi Joe,
    Is that a stopwatch you have in your hand or are you checking your vouniverse inbox? Thanks for sharing the video.
  • So fun to watch your stuff ☺
  • Hey Joe,

    I just saw the combo promo from your latest video. Great stuff as always!
  • Thanks, Joe! I've been consulting with a studio designer, and I also faxed my booth plan to Auralex and they sent a nice complimentary plan with suggestions of their products and their placement in the booth. Sounds similar to what you've done. I did have some audio designer friends question the number of bass traps they suggested for a strictly voice over booth (and female voice over at that) , so I wasn't sure about whether I really needed them at all or if so, how many. Further tests are needed, I'm sure to get it "just right".

    As far as the interior design and decorating.....I agree - very important ingredient in the feel and comfort of the space! I am SO looking forward to completing the project and being able to work in my new space.
  • Comment by Melanie Haynes: I think I read that George said he didn't do much of that in your booth to keep it more "live". I do notice that you added the curtains to the window, but they're open during this session, too.

    Hi Melanie...George used some sort of software to determine the acoustic treatment for the room. George came to me with a printout of an "exploded view" of the room which we used as a sort of blueprint for where the panels should be installed. Some panels are thicker than others, this was all determined in his acoustic design for the walls and ceiling throughout the room. Directly in front of where I stand there is a bass-trap above my head attached to the ceiling and wall on a 45 degree angle.

    I think the quote where George mentioned keeping the room somewhat "live" he was referring to the fact we didn't pad all the walls and ceiling (like I've done before in my previous studios) he went with a more customized acoustic design and left the windows untouched to keep a little bit of a live feel to the room.

    The curtains you noticed on the windows are part of our interior design, not part of the acoustic treatment (but it certainly adds a little deadening). Our designer, Philip, my wife Ann and I worked together on the furnishings and interior design of the space. That fabric is repeated throughout the whole "clubhouse" which is a separate building from our house. Joe
  • Thanks Joe, for another awesome video!
  • Hey Joe, Great to see another video! I believe I remember you have video monitors in the booth, so are you seeing the spots as well or just listening in the phones and reading the script off the monitor? We always want more, I know, but I'd love to see the shot of what you're looking at as well. BTW, my new studio is nearing completion - the booth is done except for the finishing work and acoustical treatment. I think I read that George said he didn't do much of that in your booth to keep it more "live". I do notice that you added the curtains to the window, but they're open during this session, too.

    Awesome as always - enjoyed it!
  • Awesome to watch the word roll out so perfectly.

    Joe, could you post a script from this session? We'd like to see the script/timing from which you're working. From the lighting, it looks like you've gone paperless.
  • Awesome, Joe! Great ISDN session with CBS. It's seems so much easier and fun when things are relaxed and light on both ends of the line. You guys are funny. BTW, you're right on about the em once, throw em away.
  • Great to watch thanks Joe.See you at VOICE 2010.
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