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ASK JOE - January 2010 CBS ISDN Session

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  • I built the new studio as a "stand up" booth. I like standing for sessions, it allows movement and it's another way to use your body while speaking. I think it's better for your voice and it puts energy into your read.

    Fox is a sit-down. CBS is a stand up. NBC is a sit down. I haven't been to ABC in a while, but last time I was there it was a sit down.

    Most recording studios here in LA will have you standing up at the mic.

  • Joe - Very cool video. The studio looks great! You certainly make those live ISDN sessions look fun and easy. Thanks for giving a peak into your world.

    I do have a question fer ya. To sit or stand during a VO session?
    In the majority, if not all, of the videos you have posted it seems that you are sitting during your sessions. So, I was wondering if you have a preference to either sit or stand during a VO session?

    Thanks again for sharing your studio time.

  • Joe:
    Verrrrrrrrrrrrry nice! Love the studio and all your insight. Always very helpful tips!
  • Thank you Joe- as always your wisdom and insight are wonderful.

    Best always,
    Barry Trussell
  • Joe,

    It's always a delight to see a new video. Thank you for taking time from your schedule to communicate with us.

    Be well,
    Bob Souer
  • "WHOLE in my HEAD.....How I feel when I'm watching reality shows on Fox"

    ....just teasing Joe...You do it well.....Just ignore me I'm just in a Jaded mood right now.
  • Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to let us see your studio and hear your advice about so many different topics. It's very kind of you, and greatly appreciated!
  • Hi Joe! Glad I took a break from recording to view your latest Ask Joe as soon as the link popped into my mail box! Thanks so much for addressing my post! We are progressing on the new studio project, and yes, I can see that the budget is going to be a major consideration. Just getting bids for some of the construction at this point.....but other work has already been done - like new AC in the building!

    I'll keep you posted.......Thanks again!
  • Steve, I love the Avalon M5 but you should try a few different pre-amps and discover which is the BEST for YOUR voice.
  • Hey Joe! Can you recommend a good single mic preamp to use with the U87? Thanks much.
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