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ASK JOE - January 2010 CBS ISDN Session

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  • Thanks for inviting me into your studio Joe. Pure inspiration, down to earth and practical tecno-know-how. I wish you every success, Joe. Well done.

    Lou Albert Russo
  • Hi Joe, Love the new studio! I knew it would be fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing it with us in all of it's stages. I'm so excited to say that seeing what you have done has made the light bulb go off above our heads, and we're going to be creating something similar. We were planning to renovate our pool house, and I'm not sure why we hadn't considered this before. For the past several years, it's actually been used by my husband as a workshop. Awhile back, he had offered to turn it back into a real pool house for entertaining, so I guess I was just focusing on that. But, I really think it would work to have the studio in part of it and still have space for having friends over now and then. Certainly, it would be used as a studio every day. I sort of had a V8 moment, ya know? Any suggestions or pitfalls to avoid would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  • Very nice studio! I want it. :) Can I have it? No? Okay. I guess I'll just have to get my own. *sigh*
  • Love the New Studio! You must be so proud. I remember when my studio was completed in my basement too. It's awesome and I love showing it to people.

    I can't wait to be in your league. You look like your having so much fun! It's a great gig isn't it.

    Thanks for sharing as always, your insight is invaluable.

  • Nice new Club House Joe! Thanks for giving us the grand tour! It really looks like a great place to play on the mic.
  • Thanks Joe...that helps a lot, we appreciate it! ~Janice
  • Hi Janice, I suggest you drop George Whittam a note here on VU. He came up with all the specs for my studio. We used two panes of glass, the outside glass was 5/8" thick and the inside glass was 1/2" thick...6 inches between the two panes and they are not angled. George can probably help you...he's got a baby on the way, so he may be a little slow in answering :-)
  • Hey Joe! After viewing your studio video I'm just wondering if you would mind providing any suggestions regarding the specs for a window we're getting ready to put into my second studio my husband is currently building for me? All the soundproofing in and he hung the sheet rock over the weekend. Now our next step is getting the right glass for the 5x3 foot window and getting the angle right on the interior pane. It is it just basic tempered glass, and what if any specific thickness? We also need to know how far apart and at what angle to space the glass for optimal soundproofing results. Would you mind sharing what you know regarding what you did for the window in your studio?

    Thanks so much! ~Janice
  • Thanks guys...this was a "quickie" Ask Joe this time. I hope to have one that is a little more ENTERTAINING next time.

    By the way I'd like to amp up the ASK JOE feature. If you have a question for me, videotape yourself asking the question and then get it to me as a Quicktime Video and I will use it in the next Ask Joe.

    While you work on a video, I'll get the info from Zurek on how to post it to me.

  • Thanks Joe,
    It is amazing that you are so generous in sharing your world with us. Maryland is cold and dark this time of year and being a part of VU and reading the posts warms things up quite a bit.
    Thanks A Bunch!! Dory Hayman
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