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ASK JOE - January 2010 CBS ISDN Session

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  • Again Joe, you blew me away. The session was awesome. I really enjoy watching you at work. It is inspiring. Can't wait to see the new studio!
  • Inspring vid for someone new to the art. I am so overwhelmed by how connected i am to the industry through the site. AWESOME!!!

  • Great video Joe, thanx! Can't wait to see tha new studio!
  • Wow, you make it look soooo easy! How did you know exactly when to jump in? Just years of practice? Did you mark your copy or are you looking at a clock?
  • Joe,

    That Ask Joe #14 was Great!!! and looks like I got a few of my questions answered. As are the Man!!!!

    Ladie Mo$t...
  • So What's up in the world of JOE? I noticed that no one has written to you since October on the ole comment wall here so I thought I would chime in.

    I just got my first agent and I'm feeling GOOD! They are based in Atlanta and for a farm girl from Kansas City to come this far less than two years out of radio...I'm feeling pretty fine!

    Hope you are well. I would imagine that you are pretty busy with sweeps going on. Keep up the good work!

  • Joe,
    Thank you for the video memorializing Mr LaFontaine. I can feel your respect to his memory.
    Deepest regards,
    Sue Colas
  • Hey Joe,

    I've got a few questions about "Network Promos":

    1) What would you suggest is the best way(s) to get on a network's promo rotation? [especially, knowing there are so many cable networks out there.]

    2) What questions should I ask once I get in the booth before starting a vo session?

    3) How do you make the script fit once the beeps start during an ISDN session?

    4) Please share your insight on learning Promo-ease [ok, maybe I spelled that wrong...but you know what I mean, right? Talking the Promo-talk ;-) ]?

    Thank you for your wisdom and generosity, in sharing your experiences=)

    Ladie Mo$t...Peligro$a!
  • Thanks guys for all the nice words about the latest ASK JOE. I really appreciate it. Hope you have a GREAT weekend.
  • Hey Joe....was wondering the mic setting on your M5. I too use a 416 & M5 combo.

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