Joe Cipriano's distinctive sound is heard everyday as the voice of Fox, CBS and shows like Deal or No Deal. Yet he still devotes time to help others. Catch Joe Cipriano once a week here on VOICEOVER UNIVERSE . COM -
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ASK JOE - January 2010 CBS ISDN Session

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  • Joe, the "After Don" tribute was fantastic. Especially the "fade to black" ending....most powerful. Thanks for keeping Don forever in our memory! Best regards, Dennis
  • thank you
  • Joe, what an awesome piece. Thank you for sharing with us.
  • I am jealous of your talent, covet your great success, but what I really envy is your stories and the richness in which you tell them. Your future is amazing, but your history and memories are priceless. Thank you for sharing them.

    Talk Soon,
  • Really nice piece, Joe. Thanks. Break a leg on the Emmy's tonight.
  • Matlock?!!? I love your humor. Another great episode, touching and funny and strangely informative. Hmmm.
  • Joe, thanks for another great VO Theater episode. Thank you for sharing your stories... I know I could sit and listen to them all day! If and when you do another Primetime Voices pic, it'll be bittersweet for sure.

    Hope you're having a fab weekend! Caryn
  • Joe.. I recently bought a mac. I have had the Prime Time Voices picture as my backdrop now for a couple weeks. It's part of my inspiration when I look at it everyday. Will you do other pictures like it with other primetime voices? That my friend would be hot !!

    Take care !
  • Yo Joey!

    Just watched your latest VO Theatre between sessions and I thoroughly enjoyed it! And I imagined Don's voice...although you do do a hellava DLF... It was fun and touching all at the same time. Thanks for sharing your creativity and humor. Hey is that real time I'm seeing on the "stickcam"? Ok, that's it for now... go have a nice Friday dins and I'll talk with ya later.

    Cheerios matey,
  • AJ12-AD: Ya done him proud Joe!
    & truth be told...I have the Prime Time Voices pic as the wallpaper on my computer! I need a life!
    So when are you going to do the FEMALE version? ;-)

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