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ASK JOE - January 2010 CBS ISDN Session

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  • Wow! Great video! I look forward to more from the Master!!

  • What an informative piece!
    Joe, once again, you've gone above & beyond...and ALL without a fee!
    I LOVE being educated by one of the industry's BEST!
    Thanks very much, and I look forward to more...
    -JC Haze
  • Great it works now. Thanks for that Joe. Loved it!
  • Hey Joe!
    That's really interesting.
    You're the first person I've heard say that SC-to-SC can sound better than ISDN! wow.
    But since ISDN is still the standard, you pretty much need to have access to both.
    Thanks for all the info & for taking the time to do these videos. It is SO appreciated!


  • thanks Joe that was great!
  • I'm not able to play the Week 6 video either. :(
  • Joe are you using the - Sennheiser MKH 416

    If so - It sounded GREAT on your video Blog!!

    Think I might give it a try.

    Also...what sound card(s) do you suggest for the best quality?
  • For some reason I'm not able to play the video.
  • Comment by Jon Specht 1 day ago
    Joe-Could you tell us, at some point, about your processing? I see an avalon on your video...what else is in your mic chain?

    Hi John...while I have gear in the rack, I don't use any processing at all on the mic when doing promos. The only time I use some gear from the rack is when I'm doing Radio Imaging and I'll run my mic through the Urei LA 4 Compressor for some PUMP :-)
  • Comment by Liz de Nesnera 33 minutes ago
    Hey Joe!
    Thanks for that!
    What's also great is that I have used SC WITHOUT having to go through an ISDN bridge, by connecting directly through SC to another studio that ALSO has SC.
    So it's a SC-to-SC direct link that is - almost - as good as an ISDN connection broadcsat quality wise. For example for Narrations & telephony work where the client wants to record me on thier end.

    I also bypass ProTools and use the standalone desktop version....'cause I'm a SoundForge kinda gal! ;-) Although SC will work with the latest version on Vegas as well.


    Hi Liz...actually. If you do Source Connect to Source Connect you many times will have BETTER quality than ISDN. SC has a new version 3.0 that comes out this week with something called, "Auto Restore." It works in the background to restore any audio that may glitch due to internet slow downs and packet drop-outs.

    Comment by Neil Bentley 1 hour ago

    Nice one Joe. I was looking at that anyway, but I use Logic 8 on a Mac. I guess the Standalone system means I don't need protools! beautiful!

    Hi're right you don't need ProTools if you use the Source Connect "Stand Alone Desktop Application." You still need your iLock with the license on it and the plug in downloaded into the computer, but no need to even have ProTools on your computer.

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