Hey gang! Got a VO related question? Need a demo critiqued?? Just need an ear to eh-buh-beh-eh-bend? Ask away!!! Glad to help out!
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  • How do you know how to pick a good studio for you VO demo? and when you find it do you have a VO coach with you too? thanks
  • Hi folks!

    There are 3 spots left in my NYC 1 day seminar "Speaking of Voice-over."

    Here's the scoop:
    Saturday, October 2
    Actor's Connection
    630 9th Ave. (between 44th & 45th streets)

    Topics to include:

    -all aspects of voice-over: commercial, promo, narration, animation, etc.
    -the dos and don’ts of demos
    -agent/client relationship
    -the most common mistakes actors make that sabotage their career

    -PLUS-My 3 step formula on how to create, sustain, remember, and categorize original characters!

    This one day seminar is for beginners as well as those in the biz! Anyone interested in an overview on pursuing a career in voice-over.

    Lunch included!!

    Cost: $100
    To book contact my producer Marian at marian@marianmassaro.com
  • Hi Cia!

    I myself don't do any warmups. But that's just me. Everyone needs to do what works for them. For me, just reading the copy is warm up enough.

    Now, back to your question. Depending on how effected my voice was with the cold, I might pass on the audition. Remember, if you book it you need to reproduce that same sound. If you are over the cold this might not be possible. Plus, the more you work a viral throat the longer it will take to get well.

    I think it depends on the audition. For a local radio spot or game I'd pass if I were sick. Just not worth the money to cause more damage to my throat or extend the rasp. For a national TV spot or series I'd ask my agent if I can postpone until I felt/sounded better. If the deadline comes before I'm well then I might give it a shot. But I'd let my agent know my dilemma.

  • Hey Bob, as a general rule, I do vocal warmups before every audition and job. Right now, due to a throat cold, my voice is dry and raspy. I've been drinking tons of water and sucking on pastilles which helps a little. I had an audition today and I wasn't sure if I should do my warmups or if I should save my voice for the audition. Obviously it wasn't a strenuous audition and I would have passed if it was. What are your thoughts?
  • Thanks, Bob. You're a peach!
  • Here ya go, Darla:

  • Thanks anyway for replying, Bob. I will have to find a group on VU that will let me contact Pat.
  • Hi Darla!

    This is a job for Pat Fraley! He's one of the best when it comes to audio books. I myself don't do em. Wish I could be of more assistance!

  • Hi Cindy!

    Boy, I don't think I'm the best one to help ya here. It sounds like you are working non union, and being that I'm a union actor I have both SAG and AFTRA to go after unfair producers who don't pay. It rarely if ever happens. Now, I know the unions do have a list of unfair producers, so if this company you are referring to is indeed union I'd contact the unions to see if they've been investigated for not paying.
  • Hey Scott!

    It is indeed a bad idea to have your picture anywhere near your VO marketing. They will judge your voice by your looks. Now, I know there are many of us (myself included) who have our pictures within our websites. Well, I'm into this for almost 30 years. Veterans don't have as much to lose by including their pictures. But for those who are relatively new, it is definitely not a good thing.

    Now, I know many are not just voice actors but also do on camera, or theater, or improv, where they would want their headshot as part of their marketing or website. But your VO page should have nothing to do with your oncamera page. For instance, if you have a site that has multiple pages for various aspects of your career, you'd label and market them as if each page were it's own entity. So, mine might be www.bobbergen.com/voiceover for VO, and www.bobbergen.com/theatrical for on camera. And I'd only market the VO page to the VO industry. If someone wants to spend time surfing my site or google to find what I look like there's nothing I can do about that. But if they have that kind of time on their hands, chances are they aren't all that busy in the hiring department. But web surfing is always a way for people to find out all kinds of things about anyone. Bottom line, keep your face off your VO marketing!

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