Hey gang! Got a VO related question? Need a demo critiqued?? Just need an ear to eh-buh-beh-eh-bend? Ask away!!! Glad to help out!
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  • Paper sides like what you used in Portland. Blessings:)
  • Hi Christine!

    Glad you enjoyed!! I had a blast!

    Not sure what you mean by "hard copy of animated characters." Do you mean copy to practice with or DVDs of cartoons??

  • Hello Bob it was great to hear you last night, I had fun writing my notes(trying to keep up with you) Anyway, I was number 4 in the queue last night(that didn't work) and my question is where would I get hard copy of a variety of animated characters. Now that I have my studio almost set up, I want to do some recording to practice with.

    Lord willing I am going to BC with Deb Munro the last part of March to train with her for 2 days.

    Thanks again for the encouuragement from Portland and last night. Blessings:)
  • Hey bud!

    No, I don't know the Atlanta area at all. Sorry!! There might be some Atlanta groups here. If you don't mind working ISDN or even Skype, check out Bill Holmes at compostproductions.com He's in LA and does great demos!

  • You actually answered both questions when you suggested that the producer should "know my brand"...Thanks.....Any recommendations for the Atlanta Area....Producers Agents etc
  • Hey Magic!

    How much you should spend on a demo?? Well, average these days is about $2500. You'll find a lot less, and you'll find a lot more. My advice is to meet with producers and listen to 10-12 of their demos. If you hear any "sameness" in the demos, then they do what I call an assembly line demo. Different actor, same demo. Every demo that a good producer makes should reflect the actor, not the producer. It should highlight the actor's personality and brand. Also, your demo producer will also be your session director. You need to be able to trust them. You should feel comfortable with them, but they should also be able to challenge you and get the best out of you. They should also know your brand as well as you do. Most important thing is that YOU know your brand before starting the whole demo process.

    Not quite sure what you are asking in the second part. Can you elaborate??

  • Hey Bob...How are you sir....quick question...I have been on the radio for over 20 years....been doing professional VO for about 3...Can you tell me how I much I should spend and to whom with for a professional non radio guy sounding demo...HELP...Thanks in advance
  • Well stated Bob. We appreciate the time and honesty that you provide to review them.
  • r.e. critiques- well said, my friend.
  • Will do. I am coming to be part of the Smokin Mysteries. I am coming to Burbank Airport on Jan 21 and will be in that area until Jan 25. Any chance you will be around? I would love to say hello to you at least. I am unsure where I will be staying yet. But I will let you know. Blessings:)
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