Hey gang! Got a VO related question? Need a demo critiqued?? Just need an ear to eh-buh-beh-eh-bend? Ask away!!! Glad to help out!
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  • Hey Bob!

    I just finished a great Demo Demolition with James & Penny. They suggested I pass along my character demo to you. This is a commercial character demo. I'd love any input you have on creating a demo for animation. Would you mind?


    Dave Christi
  • Hi Laura! Be happy to. Send me an MP3 to bob@bobbergen.com

  • Hi Bob! How are you? I was wondering if you could critique my animation demo for me? It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :)
  • Hi Jim!

    Thanks for your nice note!!!

    Just to let you know, I'm a fellow voice actor myself, and not a producer/casting director. So in most cases when I'm in need of a voice I do it myself.

  • Hi Bob.

    I like your work. You do Mel Blanc justice with your Porky Pig! Let me know if you are in need of other character voices for your projects, I do over 60 celebrity characters.

    Best regards,

    Jim Lueck
    Celebrity Voice Impressionist
  • Hey Scott! Very cool!!!!

    Nothing to prepare! Just bring your mouth, something to write with, and I'll do the hard part. Working your tail..uh, mouth off!!!

  • Hey Bob! I am signed up for Chicago sir...can't wait! Is there any kind of specific prep you'd like us to have? Characters, demo, etc?
  • Hey Bob! It's wonderful to be here and I hope to catch up with what you've told the group real soon.

  • Hi Laura!

    Feel free to email it to me: bob@bobbergen.com

    My workshop producer Marian and I were just talking about the Chicago workshop today. Pop her a note and she'll keep you in the loop on details of that class: marian@marianmassaro.com

  • Hi Bob, I have a demo I am working on and would like your opinion. Where do I send an mp3? Also, glad you are coming to Chicago. I hope to attend.
    It would be a joy!!
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