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  • Hi Chuck.  Feel free to email me at robscig@usa.net.  Voicing for projects within your industry is going to depend on what your agreement is with your company.  There are no laws against it, per se.  Same goes for the app.  So, if you can give me some more details, I will be better able to answer your question.  Thanks.


  • Hi Robert,
    I am a Toy Producer and I am interested in starting to audition for roles outside the company I work for. If I do this would this be either a conflict of interest or would the company I work for have claim on work I did outside of them? I also have an opportunity to do an unpaid voice for an app I pitched money into a Kickstarter program on, it was one of the rewards. Would I be barred from doing that? I live in California BTW ( I heard that which state you are in can matter)
    Take care,
  • thanks I will inbox u.


  • NOOO VICTORIA!!!  You should not give exclusivity to any company, unless they are offering a whole lot of money!  That is a very bad idea, and in no way is "normal practice."  I am not sure what you mean by taking classes with a company offering you a contract, so if you want to provide me more details, feel free to email me at robscig@usa.net .  As far as a "right to work" State, that has to do with Unions.  In right to work States no one is allowed to force you to join a Union to accept work. 

  • I am taking some classes with a company, that if they were to offer a contract. they want exculsiveness. So I could not do any type of VO work except for them any where. is this a normal practice. I also live in a right to work state. thank you.

  • Thanks Dan!!
  • Great!  That's the one I chose too.  Thanks!

    ...and congrats on your success.  I watched, and rather enjoyed the agoraphobia short.  Voted too!

  • PS, The IRS uses the same codes for their Schedule C designations.

  • Yes Dan.  Closest match I believe is 711510.

  • Hey Robert, 

    Have you ever had to classify voiceover using US Census classification NAICS numbers?

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