A forum for those burning business and legal questions that voice-over artists face everyday, like, LLC or S-Corp? What is a non-disclosure agreement and do I need to sign one?, Etc, Etc.
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  • Hi Susanna. I need more information before we can help you. "Scope of work" is a very broad term that can mean many different things in different contexts. For example, my scope of work for an audio book is different from a voice mail system which is different from a tv spot or a radio spot. Can you give a little more detail on what exactly you're looking for? Are you talking about the format of files you will be delivering and the turnaround time along with retakes?
    Thanks, Rob S.
  • Scope of Work
    Hello. Does anyone have a basic "scope of work" template they would be willing to share? Thank you kindly. Have a great evening
  • You're Welcome Patrick! Welcome aboard!

    Rob S.
  • Hi Robert,
    This is what I love about being part of the voice over community. Everyone is so generous and helpful. Thank you so much.
  • Hi Dory. Here is a good link to a simple freelance copyrighting contract.

    Now, of course, keep in mind that this is NOT specific for radio, so it will need some tweaking. You may want an attorney to draft something for you, or at least review what you come up with as you want to be sure everything is covered, INCLUDING, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, a HOLD HARMLESS clause so if you get sued, you can sue who hired you to write the copy.

    Rob S.
  • Hi Robert,
    I just landed a monthly radio copy writing job for a group of markets. They are paying me a certain fee for a number of spots per market/month. I need to put together a contract and I don't know where to start. Is there a resource on-line you can direct me to.
  • You're welcome Linda! Thanks for joining!
  • You must love the law and the world of voice overs very much to combine your expertise and talent in order to reach out to others. Thanks for this group, Rob!
  • Robert

    Thanks for the invite. Your article for the VOICE 2008 Magazine/Program was amazing, to say the least. I'd love to include more on the legal side of VO in the next edition of "The Art of Voice Acting". We should talk.

    Stay in Character.

    James R. Alburger
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