So many things can go wrong that affect one's voice.Reflux, allergies, hormones, and medications all can affect your voice in ways you may not realize.We also demystify some wives tales about what to take whenyou're hoarse
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  • Anything wrong with gargling with Hydrogen Peroxide to help protect yourself against throat infections?  It seems to work.

  • Check out the other VU group, "Ask a Casting Director." In several of the most recent posts, she discusses this and has some interesting insights, like how too much water may actually be counter-productive. . . .
  • I'm in the same situation with Heather...clicking and popping sounds. It's not a huge deal as most I can edit out prior to sending but it would be nice to have more control when laying down tracks and NOT click especially when working live with a producer. Thanks for any help.
  • Hey, just found you in VU groups, and I'm happy for the chance to ask this question: any recommendations for minimizing those clicks that the base of the tongue makes when you open your mouth? I don't have a big problem with them, but I have tried Singer's Saving Grace, eating green apples, Entertainer's Throat Spray, and Thayer's lozenges and nothing seems to minimize them. Thanks!
  • Hey Dr. Sims,
    I'm new here but I met you a few years ago when my mother was a patient of yours. I look forward to any advice you can give me to protect my voice as I am a singer and an aspiring VO actor.
  • These are replies to two separate items:
    1. Larry, try to vocalize in the morning every day, even on the days you are not recording.
    2. Paul, for watery mouth try drinking a mixture of lemon juice and warm water. Also, instead of clearing your throat with a "grunt" sound, swallow or hum low to high.
  • Hi there, I went tot he stie but can't seem to load the page. Any alternate addresses?
  • By the end of most days, I find my voice no longer has the range or power it used to. I keep my throat warm and don't shout. The cause is overuse on some days, I am sure - but there are other days when I have been not been using my voice all that much and it still seems weak to me. Any suggestions?
  • Hello, since I am new to VO and one of my major interests is doing audio books; I know this will be a good group for me to be a part of. Talk to you later. Blessings:)
  • Hello all, I just want to comment on Zicam. It is probably safest not to use it until we understand better what happens. I don't personally know of anyone who lost their sense of smell solely from the use of this product, but it's not worth the risk.
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