So many things can go wrong that affect one's voice.Reflux, allergies, hormones, and medications all can affect your voice in ways you may not realize.We also demystify some wives tales about what to take whenyou're hoarse
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  • I find a lot more lately that I'm getting what I call "watery mouth" - there seems to be a bit too much saliva in some of my words, and sometimes I get a little bit of extra around the mouth. I usually "suck it up", but it's been noticed by a few producers in the past.

    Any ideas/suggestions ? My doctor doesn't really know what to suggest.
    Please see the blog above for advice about protecting your voice from harsh winters. If you live in Chicago, like me, this information will help :-)
  • To all, I apologize for taking so long to write back. I've been working to become tenured at my university and that took up SO much time. All is well, however!!!!!
    Kim, thanks for your comments, I suspect that estrogen and progesterone helped too as they are known to help make the voice more flexible during pregnancy.
  • Sup Doc?

    Thanks for inviting me into the fold. I expect to learn the biggest thangs in order to keep my pipes kickin!

    Peace and Blessings.

  • I have had multiple surgeries for breast cancer. After the last surgery I lost my voice completely and for about 10 months afterward, my voice was unstable. No doctor could quite figure out what was wrong but my speech therapist said there is a nerve that runs to the vocal chords from the upper chest. Stretching of this nerve during surgery is what she determined could be the cause of my problem. Is this possible?
    Thank you!
  • Related to your question on weight and voice. My voice seems to tire easily after much talking in private or longer voice jobs. According to a speech therapist ages ago, I use my voice in the wrong way ie too much tension in throat and need to work on support/breathing. I digress - point is - I used to often get a slightly sore throat. BUT, while I was pregnant I noticed I did not have any trouble with my voice WHATSOEVER! Now 8 months after, I'm still doing better than before. Also got the feeling I had better "support" to my voice with a little bundle inside ;) it was steadier. I have also taken to ALWAYS (pretty much) wearing a scarf and believe it helps too.
    Thanks for a great group!
  • Here's a link to a post about singers and obesity. I hope people have comments
  • Question to all: Do you think your voice changes when you gain or lose weight?
  • Sure, heat will assist with relaxation, which is generally good for the voice.
  • Thanks so much Doc. My recollection is there was no indications of abnormality anywhere (will have to dig back on that). I HAVE both tries to rest voice...and have tried heating pad in neck area to see if that'll help.
    Now I have been working out at the gym during the past couple of years, don't know if there's any connection. ENT did suggest there might be some muscle tightening in neck. Is heat (external..or hot tea internal) appropriate? Thanks again.
    Bob Green
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